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5 Ways That ERP And Robotics Software Can Change The World

  • By Akshay Bhimani
  • 07-12-2021
  • Technology

Robotics and Artificial intelligence refers to the science that allows a computer program or machine to imitate human intelligence. It is actually an assortment of different technologies that range from machine learning and robotics and natural language processing, and even recognition of emotions. It is anticipated that around 80 percent of the new technologies such as ERP software will employ AI in some way by 2021's end. When we think of software, this figure will increase to 100 percent by 2021.

In the realm of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Software) robots and AI are fast changing the rules of the game. While robotics have enabled ERP to incorporate smart sensors and IoT-connected devices to offer improved field management and support for customers, AI is now able to affect nearly all aspects of ERP Software. Businesses cannot run their daily operations without an component that is AI integration.

When will ERP Software Connect to Robots

Customers must be prepared for the possibility of mobile robotics that could allow companies to establish high-quality competitive advantages. This requires them to make use of appropriate business management software tools. To-Increase's goal is to help companies to integrate mobile robotics into their business at the right time. As opposed to traditional industrial robots and advanced ones, advanced robots adapt to their environment and can act in a way that is autonomous. They are able to complete tasks that are assigned to humans. For instance, robots that complete the entire process of delivery. They get their orders through WLAN and then navigate themselves to the appropriate shelf and then recognize the correct object with sensors and cameras then grab it and move it to the next stage of processing. As opposed to conventional Industrial robots, these routes and their handling isn't set in stone, but it automatically adjusts to the environment.

Advantages and benefits Robotics Integration into ERP Software

Better Delivery Management
Robotics has significantly enhanced the management of deliveries in warehouses. The process of identifying and packing goods has improved greatly as does the process of documenting and maintaining databases. Furthermore, AI can be integrated with ERP software to anticipate delays in delivery times or in the absence of customers at their address. AI has also been proven to minimize errors when it comes to packaging and delivery and improve delivery management on all levels.

In the short-term robotics could be employed to increase the effectiveness of the packaging process and management in warehouses. AI can be utilized to anticipate delays in shipping and customer availability. In the longer term, AI and robotics will be employed to transform ERP into something much more primitive that thinks and acts by itself to a certain extent.

Critical Impact on the Workplace
Robots are able to work both throughout the day and at night. They don't require breaks, vacations as well as medical insurance. They do not have conflict with their colleagues or bosses and have no time to address their issues.

Employers would love to have an employee made up entirely of robots, however, employees are concerned about the robot-based workforce and the impact it has on their the job market.

Manage Employees Better:
Both robotics and AI can aid in reducing the workload of Human Resource departments by helping to better manage staff. Robotics are able to assist staff members by performing specific tasks, and AI is able to provide a variety of support to employees. Maintaining their records, giving them appraisals and aiding them in their training can be made easier through the use of AI. When it is integrated into ERP software, AI brings employees closer to the HR department and also frees them.

The business will no longer need HR managers to make long-winded presentations for their employees. AI can help with that completely on its own. AI can even tailor presentations based on the level of expertise of employees.

Security is a concern
Many manufacturing jobs carry more physical risks and work in dangerous conditions. Intelligent machines can replace human workers working in hazardous areas, reducing accidents at work and the negative impact on the health of workers. Highly risky industries like fertiliser production or mining turn on robots to stay clear of negative events and ensure their employees' safety.

Improve the quality of Production
Intelligent machines cut off human errors, and provide accurate production. This improves the customer's satisfaction since flawed products will not get to the customers. This is only feasible if you incorporate robotics and AI into ERP software.

You should think about integrating AI into your ERP system:
In the event that you already have an ERP software You can begin by incorporating AI robots or other robotics, but in smaller ways. For instance, if you aren't using chatbots, you can start making use of them with the ERP's customer service module. Think about robotics to make shipping and packing more efficient. Utilize natural language processing to know what your customers are saying about your company, so you can implement the appropriate actions to increase customer satisfaction.

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