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5 Key Challenges Organization Faces With Their Cloud Migration

  • By Waseq
  • 15-09-2022
  • Technology

Cloud migration is a daunting process for many companies, especially those that somehow forget to consider and mitigate the challenges beforehand.
Cloud computing is the process of transferring data, applications or other business data to a suitable cloud computing environment.

Companies implement more than one type of data migration and most of them use cloud services provided by AWS, Azure and Google cloud.

Even though the strategies and methods adopted for cloud migration vary vastly among organizations, they are done for three core reasons- cost, scalability and enhanced performance.

The success of a data migration process depends vastly on the expert or team’s ability to forecast and prevent the 5 key challenges that companies face with their cloud migration process. Intrigued? Read ahead!

No or inadequate strategy

Cloud migration processes cannot afford to be random or spontaneous. Without a strategy, the company will incur major data, time and resource losses in the process. Different elements of data need a different approach based on size, priority and other vulnerabilities. A thoughly laid strategy will allow the company to mitigate any loss of valuable data by creating duplicates and copies to preserve data that are vulnerable to corruption and loss during the process.

It also makes the whole process financially more viable.

Poor cost management

Finding the right vendor is among the biggest challenges that companies face during the cloud migration process. Too many vendors provide services that might not efficiently accommodate the company’s objectives along with services that the company does not even need, incurring additional and wasteful costs. A large percentage of companies are stuck with cloud services that cost them too much and still fall short to give them adequate services.

Security risks and compliance problems

During any data migration process, no matter what cloud service or strategy they use, the responsibility for possible risks is divided between the cloud service and the company itself. The services are responsible for sound infrastructure, but the companies are responsible for data security and compliance matters. The company has to take complete responsibility for sensitive and heavy data being transferred and also configure the security protocols currently.

Lack of technical skills within the experts or team

This is going to be short. Attempting a cloud migration process when a company is not technically equipped for it can be a rather bad decision. Even with adequate strategy and technology, leaving too big a gap for human errors by not being careful enough while you put the team together is a major challenge faced by companies.

Miscommunication and lack of coordination within the team

Compared to all the challenges, this might seem like the easiest one to tackle. However, this is the most recurring avoidable error that companies face. When every member of the team is not on the same page about the priority of data, order, strategy and process it can lead to ample minor errors that add up to the whole process going astray.

These were the top 5 challenges faced by companies during cloud migration processes. However, with adequate strategy and throughout the procedure, the process can be a breeze…well not really, but at least you can be guaranteed to mitigate all major losses during the process. Hope you had a nice read!

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