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Java For Enterprise Software Development

  • By Ramavtar Sharma
  • 07-06-2021
  • Software

Java is an omnipresent language, from apps to games to websites, Java is everywhere. In fact, it is one of the widely used languages even for enterprise development. According to a study conducted by Statista, Java is among the Top 5 most deployed programming languages globally.

The most important reason why Java is widely used for enterprise development is because it offers a Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE, formerly known as J2EE) platform. Java EE offers a combination of APIs and a runtime environment that helps developers concentrate on functionality rather than wasting time on configuring the development environment.

Why Java is so popular?
Looking at the above statistics proves that Java is and always be a robust language in the entire Java software development company industry. The enterprise world has been using the language for years and now the latest versions have proved to be more secure and effective. It is the pioneering language as it is the improved version of C++.

Here are some of the major features that prove the importance of Java:

Reliable infrastructure
Java is a highly reliable language and therefore it is the default programming language for majority of enterprises offering flexible integration and independent code. Java supports reliable exception handling that can take care of all the major types of exception conditions without breaking the system. Also, during compilation, source code written in Java gets compiled into bytecode, and then interpreted by the Java Virtual Machine.

JVM & Cross-platform Compatibility
Java applications follow ‘Write Once Run Anywhere’ code. This means that Java programmers can create the code on one system and run on any other Java-enabled system without any extra settings or adjustments. This is due to JVM. The availability of Java virtual machine enables the applications written in Java to be cross platform. These applications are well supported by almost all existing platforms including Mac OS, Unix, and Windows. The applications also run on the latest processors used in mission critical systems.

Regular updates
It’s been more than 25 years to Java and it still gives a tough competition to other modern languages. Every Java developer has come across its 4 main editions- Java Micro Edition (Java ME), Java Standard Edition (Java SE), Java Card, and Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE). This language has always been updated with latest features considering the users’ requirements. It has experienced several changes, packages, and classes additions. The latest version of Java is Java 14 whereas Java 15 is presented as an Early Access build.

Easily available development tools
Enterprise applications are always complex as they perform wide range of business processes such as data gathering and analysis, planning, operation management etc. These features need advanced tools for management and Java offers a large number of libraries, APIs, development environments (IDEs), and frameworks for building such complex functionalities. The available tools also help the Java software developers to build apps much faster and with less errors.

Cost effective
Using Java EE is quite cost effective. It aids the development process without errors, hence, offering faster time to market. Besides this, developers also create reusable blocks of code that can be used several times. All these factors impact the cost of the project mostly reducing the overall estimate.

Effective Enterprise App Development
Development in Java is highly recommended if you have an experienced team of Java developers. Companies can also hire a dedicated team of Java developers for enterprise app development. Today there are many Java software companies that are offering flexible hiring models to hire the developers of your choice.

Partnering with any third-party Java software development company for developing solutions helps you tap the most of the technology market. Remote management of your business gives rise to mobile and web applications that help you access your enterprise system from any location.

Moreover, you also get a wider access to the international talent pool. When developing a solution such as enterprise application development, you require Java development experts who have in-depth knowledge.

Java is a reliable, powerful and a robust language for enterprise software development. As discussed above, it has also proved out to be cost effective because of its ‘reusability of code’ feature. Java is always recommended for complex applications that require advanced tools. To get the best Java solutions always go for dedicated Java programmers and research well before choosing them.

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