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How Parking Software Would Ease Parking Solutions in Airports

  • By Shirley C. Stewart
  • 12-05-2021
  • Software

A stress-free trip begins with easy and secure parking. Everyone desires to have a pleasant travel experience and more often than not the unavailability of a proper parking facility has been a massive hindrance for safe and satisfying travel. Most people would like to drive to the airport in their own vehicles, park them safely, and board the plane; however, it is still not ideal to do that because of the lack of safe and user-friendly parking solutions at most airports.

arking management agencies are trying their best to provide the best possible parking solution to the customers by using parking management software and other Airbnb for parking solutions. The software for parking management is a great resource to help mitigate the parking problem in airports as it enhances comfort and convenience to the users. Parking management software helps ensure that all air travelers are relaxed and happy with one less thing to worry about. Here are some of the ways software for parking management helps ease parking solutions in airports.

• Pay-by-Plate – one of the biggest fears of air travelers in parking their vehicles at airports is the constant running of meter till they come back from their trip. This can be a costly affair and especially at airports since the parking charges are generally costlier than in other places. The pay-by-plate feature of Airbnb for parking like solutions provided by parking management software helps lower the parking cost by allowing them to pay by punching in their license plate. With this feature, the users can reserve a space for as long as they want by paying upfront and can renew it based on their need.

• Ease of Booking Desired Parking Space – software for parking management gives the user the flexibility to choose an appropriate parking space based on several parameters such as the size of the vehicle, length of the trip, parking cost, etc. With parking lifts and other kinds of parking spaces now available at airports, people who are planning a long trip can choose to use the parking lift as it helps in efficient usage of parking space.

• 24/7 Monitoring System – the Airbnb for parking like parking management software comprises features such as real-time feed of the location and status of the vehicle ensuring an anxiety-free trip to the travelers. Along with it, the 3D parking sensors give real-time inputs about objects or other vehicles at undesirably close proximity that might potentially damage the parked vehicle. In such adverse cases, the user can immediately notify the parking agents to check on the vehicle since the safety of the vehicle is their responsibility.

• Smart Parking Sensors – finding a car parking space can be a difficult task at the airports because the larger the parking lot the more difficult it will be to find a parking space. However, the contemporary software for parking management is integrated with Parking-Routing-Information-System (PRIS) that seamlessly guides the driver to the available parking space. No more driving through the entire parking lot to find a parking space Airbnb for parking like solutions will get the job done for you.

• Robotic Valet Parking – traditional parking method requires space between the vehicles for drivers to get off the vehicle after parking it. Furthermore, in the case of tight parking spaces, people find it difficult to park and thereby take more time to park their vehicle creating traffic congestion inside the parking lot. This leads to more negative repercussions than one could imagine, even to the extent of missing their flight. However, with parking management software, users can avail robotic valet parking feature, which allows travelers to leave their vehicles at a dedicated drop point, which is then picked up and efficiently parked by robots, with very little to no room for error.

• Robotic Car Parks – certain airports have already fully robotized their car parking system. This Airbnb for parking like software-enabled parking systems is designed with a combination of parking lifts, slabs, shelves and ramps. The travelers do not even have to go through the hassle of choosing a strategic parking space as the robotized car park eliminates the need for people to walk in and out of the parking lot. Travelers can drop their vehicles at the entrance of the parking lot and the robot will park the vehicle in the best suitable space. When returning, the travelers can again select the ‘return vehicle’ option and the robot will bring the vehicle back to the travelers.

The software for parking management is not just a simple interface to book and pay for the car parking space, it is more than that. With the integration of artificial intelligence and robotics, the parking management software is capable of autonomously parking and returning your vehicle at the click of an icon. Travelers can now drive their vehicles to the airport more often and at complete peace of mind. The Airbnb for parking like software and solutions are not only easing the parking solutions in airports but disrupting the entire parking management system.

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