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4 Software Development Projects That Remote Experts Can Help With

  • By Rodney Laws
  • 24-08-2022
  • Software

Software development teams can play a critical role in many businesses, particularly in the technology industry. Software developers are at the forefront of some of your company's most exciting projects, from developing in-house apps to designing fantastic software for your clients — the possibilities are endless!

More often than not, a large development project is broken down into several parts. Each team member will have their own area to work on which contributes to the wider project meaning independent work is an important part of this role and suited to remote working.

So, what kind of projects can remote software developers work on? Here’s all you need to know.

Can software developers work remotely?
Remote work environments are the new normal, and when done properly, they can even boost productivity and work quality. Consequently, because independent work is an important aspect of software development roles these positions are ideal for remote working setups.

You can even hire international software developers or freelancers using an employer of record service. Remote, for example, reduces the administrative burden of international hiring by offering a variety of HR and legal services such as payroll and local compliance. That means you won't pass up some of the best software developers because they aren't local!

Alternatively, you could hire a software development company to assist you with your latest project. Instead of adding a new member to your internal team, you will become their client, which is especially useful for large or complex projects that require all hands on deck.

What type of software development projects can remote employees help with?
Software development in all of its forms is very complex and requires detailed planning, implementation, and testing. As a result, developers may find it easier to work remotely so they are free from distractions and can focus on the task at hand as revealed in a recent survey of over 1,000 developers. Interestingly, 68% of developers claimed to get more meaningful work done while working remotely or from home, compared to 32% who said they are more productive in an office environment.

There are many different types of projects that developers can work on from home. Here are just 4 examples:

1. UX Design
UX design is an important part of many projects including creating landing pages or apps. The main responsibility of a UX designer is to ensure that there is a user-focused outcome from the project so that usability, performance, and functionality are considered. They’re a key part of any software development team as they’re the ones who most champion the users’ needs. However, in most instances, UX designers only work amongst themselves or with a UI (user interface) designer so as long as communication is maintained between these people there’s no reason why work can’t be done remotely.

2. Back-end Development
Behind every impressive website or app, there’s a whole lot of data running in the background that enables the user-facing side of the website to even exist in the first place.

High-quality back-end development is essential in all projects. People in these roles require analytical expertise, high attention to detail, and of course, a deep understanding of development. These skills can be fostered through remote working where developers can get in the zone and complete their best work.

3. App Development
Apps can be a valuable addition to many growing businesses, and even the most basic app necessitates a significant amount of effort. App developers can continue to work on the most important aspects of the project remotely, such as coding, design, troubleshooting, and security measures, before putting everything together. and other project management tools are great for organising app development projects and other similar work (especially among remote teams) because they allow you to easily split out responsibilities while providing oversight to the rest of the team via roadmaps and status reporting.

4. Video game creation
A video game developer is a software developer specialising in video game development and creating your own game can be a very exciting project. With a remote video game developer on your team, you could see faster progress in your project and soon have a fully functioning game ready to go!

Hire a remote developer today to assist with both large and small projects. Outsourcing your work or broadening your talent pool can help you find a productive and professional team member for your next software development project.

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