ways to get more views on youtube 2020 for review

Ways To Get More Views On YouTube 2020 For Review

  • By Naman Modi
  • 05-05-2020
  • Social Media

YouTube is changing and evolving day by day. Long are gone days when we were dominated by the skateboards with funny cats and dog videos. Many people spend most of their time watching videos on YouTube-in fact people rely on it more than the combination of Netflix and Facebook. Today many businesses use YouTube as a channel to post their videos or as a marketing tool. Markedly, when used rightfully, it is a compelling platform and useful tool for any business. However, to boost your sales, you will need to get more views on your YouTube channel.

In this post, I will discuss different efficient ways that will help you increase not only your YouTube views:

Create compelling content

The best way to create compelling content is through identifying your ideal customers want to know. From there, create videos that meet their needs. This works magic as they will all view to quench their urge for knowledge. However, if your videos are not suitable or do not meet the expectations of the customers, then they may ignore viewing.

Encourage your viewers to subscribe

Did you know your best customers are always your older customers? Retaining customers is a significant gesture as it depicts the growth of your business. The same happens for YouTube views. The more natural way of acquiring more views on your YouTube channel is by encouraging your viewers to subscribe. With many more subscribers, you will automatically increase the number of the opinions released as they will get notified each time. But again, how do you get your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel? The best is always to ask your viewers to press on your YouTube subscriber button and subscribe to your YouTube channel. Ensure to prompt them on turning on the notification bell after subscribing always to get notified. Notably, the growth of your YouTube subscribers is essential in getting more YouTube views.

Promote your other videos using the end screens and cards

Both cards and end screens are great tools that you can use in promoting your videos to acquire more YouTube views. To start, you will need to verify your YouTube account so that you can access these features. Click your profile picture on your top right then click on the creator studio. From there, click on the status and features tab. It is on this page that you can view extra YouTube channel features and set them as you may want. You can set the cards to pop-up anytime within any video so that the interested viewer could click on it and watch. Also, you may set it such that it directs people to other videos or playlist to come up with a poll card which may encourage your viewers to watch.

Promote your videos in other social media channels

If you have other followers in your social media accounts, always alert them whenever you upload a new video on your YouTube channel. The best way to encourage your other followers to visit your YouTube channel is by giving them short teaser videos that may interest them in viewing your videos. Also, you can embed your YouTube videos in relevant blog posts and pages on your site. You are likely to get more viewers from other forums if you do that.


The most important thing is to focus on the creation of great content that comprises what your audience loves. Always get involved in a niche and nurture a good relationship with your viewers so that they keep anticipated on what content you would offer them on your next videos.

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