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How to Get More Leads With LinkedIn Automation: 6 Little-Known Tips

  • By Ali Khan
  • 30-04-2021
  • Social Media

If there’s a channel that you should focus on for a lead generation, it’s undoubtedly LinkedIn. The number of users and the fact that it’s only for professional people make it not just a good choice, but the best.

B2B marketers and businesses are using different techniques and tools to generate leads on this platform. When it comes to using techniques that became more apparent for helping businesses generate hot leads, LinkedIn automation tools come on the top.

You might be in the league of the people who are still afraid to give advanced LinkedIn automation tools a try while your competitors are fully leveraging them.

It might be because you don’t understand how to use these tools to turn your LinkedIn into a field of gold. If that’s the case, this blog is for you.

Pro Tips to Use LinkedIn Automation to Generate More Leads
Here are some tips to use LinkedIn automation tools effectively to generate more leads and get a competitive edge over your competitors.

1. Filtering the prospects
First of all…
We all know that LinkedIn is a giant when it comes to networking and finding relevant leads. With more than 740 million prospects, it’s quite challenging to find the right leads.

A single search based on a specific keyword such as ‘SEO Analysts in New York’ will give you thousands of results. Will you go through the thousands of profiles one by one?

Sure, these are not undoable tasks but how much time and energy will be consumed is a major concern.

When you use LinkedIn automation to automate such repetitive tasks, they find the relevant leads and collect data about them such as company name, job type, industry type, location, and interests, etc. This way, these tools save you a lot of time that you can use to perform important activities.

2. Collecting Useful Customer Data

Customer data is everything for businesses these days. LinkedIn where millions of CEOs, decision-makers, B2B professionals, salespeople, and many large and small companies are present, is a huge database.

You can extract out data from your target audience with the help of LinkedIn automation tools. If you want to level up your lead generation game, you can even use this data to run your campaigns on other social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. Run Personalized Campaigns
Personalization has become crucial for successful marketing and there’s no doubt about it. Running a personalized campaign on LinkedIn means sending a very relevant message to the relevant audience at the right time.

The boring, old templates will give you no benefits and your prospects will discard them right away. According to marketing surveys, prospects are more likely to respond to a message that includes details about them. And by including details, we don’t mean sprinkling the name only, but to include such as their industry, their interests, and current problems.

With the help of advanced LinkedIn automation tools, you can run highly personalized campaigns using the data that they have collected.

Moreover, they send personalized messages along with customized images to grab their attention and improve the chances of lead generation.

4. Engage
Social selling on LinkedIn means engaging and building strong relationships with the clients. In the modern era, prospects don’t trust random people to buy any product or service. You have to engage with them to seem familiar and trustworthy.

Now how does LinkedIn automation can help you in engaging and building trust? When you run an outreach campaign, the tools visit profiles and prospects get a notification for it. They visit back your profile and this is the first step of engagement.

5. Don’t Send Promotional Messages
Don’t sell on your first go. Engage, build trust, and then sell. This is one of the effective ways for lead generation. When you send promotional or sales-y messages, prospects not only reject them but also flag your account as spam.

6. Don’t Lose the Human Touch
When using LinkedIn automation for lead generation, make sure you keep the human touch. Sure, these tools are great for lead generation but you can’t just automate everything. The best of the LinkedIn tools help in initiating conversations by engaging and sending connection requests.

However, when someone responds, make sure you take over the conversation and build a healthy business relationship.
Also, don’t try to overdo things because you can’t expand your network and generate leads over the night. This way, you’ll only put your account safety at risk.

If you’re a B2B marketer, you’re most likely to find your next leads on LinkedIn. With LinkedIn automation, you can start generating 3x more leads for less just by using these tips.

Automation tools are here to help you grow your business so use this technology to get ahead of your competitors. Select the best tools, start small, use personalization, and don’t spam your prospects.

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