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How To Build Your Brand Through Social Media Marketing?

  • By Sofia Kelly
  • 26-05-2021
  • Social Media

Social media is a platform that does no discrimination or favouritism between big and small businesses as it allows them to benefit from it unconditionally. With advanced technology taking centre stage and social media an integral part of this tech-run world, marketers unanimously agree that Social media Marketing is crucial to build a strong brand identity.

A 2020 report stated that the number of users on social media crossed the 3.8 billion mark, considering this as a distinctive mark keeping in mind the total number of internet users worldwide is 4.5 billion. 80% of consumers who follow their favourite brand on social media channels derive solutions from them.

Marketers worldwide have pointed out that their primary priority is to create a strong brand awareness, which they can easily do using social media. They can reach out to broader people in one shot and on a real-time basis and interact with them live. One cannot procure such benefits from offline marketing channels.

Therefore, without wasting much of the time, let’s break the ice and learn what is branding and how to build it through social media marketing?

What Is Branding?

A brand is not only about logos and a renowned international company that has a yearly turnover in millions. A brand is your businesses’ identity through which it communicates with its target audience (TG).

Just like a person’s name, his appearance, his characteristics, and every outer detail are visible to the world that portrays a picture about him without speaking a word. A brand is an external identity that helps consumers perceive your business, products/services, and what you are (the company) as an individual.

While creating a brand, you must remember that it must convey the same meaning and concept as you have determined, and the consumers must decode the same meaning when looking at it.

Branding is not just making people aware of your brand. It must also be compelling that will force the audience to take the desired action. So, if you want to create a brand that can speak to your TA on your businesses’ behalf and force them to take any action as you have thought, follow the below guide on building a brand via social media marketing.

How Can You Build A Strong Brand By Putting Up A Social Media Marketing Campaign?
Social media users use such platforms for short and engaging content to view more of what they like. So, if you want your brand to be viewed by a maximum audience, make your social media marketing content straight and crisp. You must answer the following three questions while creating a brand image in a few seconds.

• By what name is your brand called?
• What is the story of your brand?
• How is your brand different from the others?

Remember that people love to hear stories. So, your brand’s marketing content must tell a straightforward flowing tale that would make them imagine the brand. Developing an easy yet impactful brand image that will last long in the minds of the consumers requires meeting specific points.

First, you don't need to present on all the social media channels. Choose from the top two most used social media sites and adequately do your marketing. Instead of running after thousands of followers who will not buy what you’re selling, try to emphasize those who are sure to buy your product/service. The concept of more followers, more prominent will be your brand is simply a myth. And, lastly, the frequency of your marketing post must be evenly distributed so that you are active and interacting with our followers regularly without fail. Because your visibility is what your customers are engaged to.

Steps To Create A Brand Through Social Media Marketing
1. Design a brand logo that talks about the brand’s philosophy: A logo designed successfully will be your brand’s presenter and must convey the brand’s philosophy. The brand must represent its true meaning and should not leave room for doubt.

2. Maintain consistency across all the social media platforms: You should post one and single-brand marketing campaigns across all the social media sites. If you do any addition or subtraction in one place, you must impose the same on all other websites as well.

3. Choose colors from the color palette that would make a statement: The color can render a unique personality to your brand. Using vibrant and impactful colors will help your brand appeal to its customers. Choose colors that will enhance and create a positive image of your business.

4. You must know your brand’s tone of voice and the writing style: The voice and style of your brand marketing content on social media depend on your company's product/service line and the demographics of your TA. The tone of your brand must be convincing and positive in whatever it says about itself.

5. Tell a captivating story through your brand: As said above, your brand must tell an intriguing and fascinating tale to hear. This will make your audiences connect more quickly to your brand.

6. Your brand must communicate with the audience like a human being: Companies have a distinct and separate identity from their owners in the eyes of the law. Therefore, it must talk to its TA in a way a human being talks to another human being, but obviously, it won’t be verbal communication. The essence and feel must be like conversing with a natural person.

7. Be engaging and conversing with your TA: Never stop interacting with your audiences. They feel close and special whenever you talk to them, either personally or publicly. Think of different ways to engage with them, like quizzes, public discussion, FAQs, and more.

8. Maintain transparency no matter what: Transparency and truth are what people love, respect, and demand the most. They want a brand to be candid with them no matter what. But you do not have to be brutally honest. You can use creativity, weave a small story, and convey the truth in a decorated manner.

9. Relevancy is what matters: Nobody has time to look at absurd content, hard to understand, and completely irrelevant. People love creative campaigns but also want them to be relevant and meaningful. Designing an unambiguous brand will attract a larger audience.

10.Visuality appeals the most to social media users: We all love to read images and intercept the hidden meaning shown in it. Nobody now wants to read significant texts and learn the truth that has been mentioned. Our eyes want to read pictures and images as they have colors and patterns that make it alluring. Like, infographics are the most trending marketing medium on social media that people want more of.

Concluding Words
The social media marketing world is limitless and beyond one’s imagination. No one can measure its depth since it is ever-growing with no definite ends. If you want to build an effective and appreciative brand, strictly follow the above guide, and your brand will taste the success it desires.

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