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Best 5 Social Media Platforms For Lead Generation

  • By Jais Frank
  • 04-08-2021
  • Social Media

Using social media for lead generation has been a vital element in every marketer’s marketing strategy. The leads they collect through social media help them find people interested in their products/services and become prospective customers.

Lead generation campaigns through social media help businesses target their target audience directly. In addition, social media lead generation strategies are result-oriented and highly beneficial for companies because they have grown by 24% using social media for lead generation.

Digital marketing has reduced marketing costs for around 45% of businesses. For example, on Facebook, an average lead costs $0.80 and $2.50 on Google. This means firms have gained 32% cost efficiency through social media advertisement.

Lead generation means getting the target audience’s name, email address, contact number, and social media ID that marketers use to target their audience and market their business. In this article, we have explained five such social media channels that are hard to miss if you want to get leads from such platforms. Continue reading to find out which are those five top social media platforms.

5 Best Social Media Platforms For Quality Lead Generation

So, here are the top five popular social media platforms to generate quality leads for your business.

1) Facebook

Marketers get a specific lead format on Facebook. The lead advertisements that Facebook provides are nothing but promoted forms. The leads that these ads collect can be downloaded or directly synced to your customer management system, which will help your sales team immediately follow up when needed.

Please install Facebook Pixel on your website because it will help you easily track leads and measure their costing. Moreover, FB has over two billion active users; you can market your products/services to anyone in the industry with just a click.

Facebook also offers one of the lowest CPC rates, which has attracted many drop shippers to market their products. Using Facebook Toolkits, you can generate leads in three different ways, i.e., on-page promotion, off-page promotion, and paid promotion.

2) Twitter

Through Twitter, you can generate leads in the following two ways:

Tweets/Retweets - Organizations with a Twitter account run a contest or sweepstake to get relevant leads. The participants in these sweepstakes can share them with other users, which will help extend your audience reach.

Another way of increasing your business’s reach with social media is by posting your business’s free content on Twitter. This method will help your business increase its organic reach when someone retweets or likes your post.

Paid Promotion - Being a Twitter user, you can also accumulate leads using paid promotion cards. In this method, you have the option to promote landing page posts because Twitter cards allow you to collect leads on-site and then upload the same to your CRM.

3) LinkedIn

The ad format on LinkedIn has been explicitly designed for lead generation called Lead Gen Forms. You will find these ads on LinkedIn in the form of Sponsored InMail and Messenger Ads. Similar to Instagram and Facebook, LinkedIn makes use of profile information to pre-fill sections.

A LinkedIn Lead Gen Form offers an average conversion rate of 13%, which is relatively high compared to a typical website conversion rate of 2.35%, as mentioned by Wordstream. Alternatively, you can also use LinkedIn Dynamic Ads that feature direct call-to-action to generate leads.

4) Instagram:

Instagram also provides lead ads technique to marketers where they get the option to partially pre-fill forms. The headers that can be pre-filled on Instagram’s lead ads are full name, email address, gender, and phone number.

Hashtags are the most prominent feature of Instagram for promotions. To promote your lead-based content on Instagram, your post should have all the relevant hashtags.

However, Instagram does not support URLs, so what can be done is, you need to add the link either to the Instagram profile URL or in an Instagram photo. You can write in your posts “Link In Bio” to help visitors land on the relevant landing page.

5) YouTube:

YouTube Trueview for Action Ads have been designed to assist advertisers in initiating a specific action, including generating leads. YouTube has added prominent call-to-have buttons in these ads, linking to a site that you choose. When creating these ads, you only need to select the “Leads” option as your goal.

The right video strategy will help your business generate leads from YouTube. Through YouTube Lead Forms, advertisers will be able to capture the leads at the same time when a user is watching any video. These forms drive leads with the help of in-line form submissions, i.e., a user will not have to leave the YouTube platform to complete a form.

The Final Thoughts

Lead generation from social media is a time-consuming process but highly result-oriented as well. Marketing with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media channels is the need of the hour if you want to expand your online presence and reach widely. So, if you want your business to grow, you need to start using the above-mentioned social media platforms from today if you aren’t using them.

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