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An Ultimate Guide On Leveraging Instagram To Strengthen Brand Advocacy

  • By Mary Kyle
  • 16-06-2021
  • Social Media

Suppose you need to get your audience on social platforms, interact with potential customers, increase your conversions. In that case, it’s the perfect time to build a content strategy to gain massive Instagram engagements.

Instagram has over a billion active users every month globally, and it is considered the largest social media platform. Open an Instagram business profile, and upload valuable content regularly to grow your fans.

But growing a profile with a huge follower count is not enough; also, you want your audience to engage and interact with your content. If your fans are not commenting, sharing, or liking your posts, then you want to go with another way of your marketing strategy on Instagram.

Here, we can see how to gain more engagement on Instagram according to the recent data.

Instagram Engagements
Engagement rate is the measure of your fans engaging with your reels, stories, posts, and other content on Instagram. It refers to the sum of comments, Dms, shares, saves, likes, and other actions your content gains on the platform.

The massive engagement rate sparks the algorithm of Instagram that the post is well-received. Thus it makes the algorithm reach your content to a broader audience. And gets in the Explore section on the platform that helps in boosting your brand awareness.

You could utilize the insights feature to monitor engagement if you use an Instagram business profile. And there is no way to define the engagement rate on Instagram. It is based on multiple factors such as your niche, target audience, and marketing goals.

Also, you must know how to calculate the engagement rate on the platform. Otherwise, you won’t get how your post is performing and gaining a better result. The easiest way to calculate Instagram engagement using the formula:
(Sum of comments and likes/sum of followers) x 100

How To Boost Instagram Engagements
Amplifying Instagram engagement is not only developing a solid content strategy and posting eye-catching content; it’s joining hands with influencers to conduct contests and giveaways on Instagram.

Based on the research, we have collected the perfect actionable tactics to increase Instagram engagements and strengthen brand advocacy.

Upload Carousel Posts
The content type you upload is more important to boost Instagram engagement. Though it’s a perfect option to work with various content features and formats, don’t avoid Instagram carousels because it’s specifically more effective in gaining engagement for small profiles.

A study says that carousel posts provide greater engagement than single video and image profiles with lower than 10K followers. Also, they provide massive engagement rates for profiles that contain over 100K followers.

You could use carousel posts for narrating step-by-step tutorial content with a particular theme. Start using carousels if you need to boost your followers count on Instagram.

Mix Up The Types Of Content
The primary key for Instagram engagement success is experimenting with various content formats and picking what works perfectly for your target audience. According to the rules, you should utilize a combination of videos, photos, and carousel posts on Instagram.

As said earlier, video content performs better than single-image posts. Reels, stories, IGTV, feed post - the platform provides multiple options to post videos you could leverage to get your target audience.

Bring Colors To Your Feed Section
Color plays a significant role in customer’s purchase decisions and moods. For instance, you could use attracting colors to your posts on the platform to grab more eyeballs.

An experiment conducted by a famous lab concluded that the colored attractive photo gains 47% comments and 26% likes more than the black & white images. You want to make your posts more colorful if you need to hold the attention of your audience.

Do Brand Humor Via Reels
Social media networks have a unique path to push their latest features. Reels are the newest feature on the platform, already crowned with an icon on the Instagram page.

So if you avoid reels feature in your marketing strategy, you are losing half the way on the platform to attain your results. The reel algorithm prioritizes entertaining and fun content. In simple words, content with entertainment and humor values more at reaching the most audience. It helps to increase Instagram likes for reels content to your specific product or brand-related content. Check the reels tab regularly to explore the trends.

Spend Time On Your Caption
A picture resembles thousands of words, but that doesn’t mean your posts on Instagram don’t want captions. It plays a significant part in collecting more engagements to your post.

Though you add more smileys and hashtags in your caption area, spend some time to make your caption text more engaging and compelling. Instagram algorithm buries your post if it doesn’t have a caption. On the other side, bringing an effective caption to your post skyrockets your engagement by 55% more likes and 125% more comments.

Your caption area for your post needs to be filled with compelling texts, smileys & stickers, and hashtags & mentions to gain more reach and engagements.

Boost Best Performing Contents
Amplify your engagement and reach by boosting your posts on Instagram. A study says that the Corona Pandemic doesn’t affect the Click-Through Rates(CTR) on sponsored posts and social ads.

So. begin using Instagram analytics to find your best-performing posts. Also, ensure to categorize your audience depending on their online activity, interests, purchasing behavior, and move on. Otherwise, your sponsored ads would fall to gain more engagements and reach.

Be Quick All Time
You want to reply to DMs and comments from fans actively. It brings them more value and encourages them to interact with your new posts.

Also, it helps you to build a conversation with your followers and wins their trust. However, a post with massive comments gains more eyeballs. In simple words, everyone is eager to see what the conversation is about.

There are multiple ways to gain Instagram engagements. Ensure to track various metrics to find your best-performing posts. Always remember to bring multiple content formats, including videos and carousels. Find the best software development company for social media creation.

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