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5 Creative Ways Brands Can Use Instagram Guides

  • By Bhavik Soni
  • 11-02-2021
  • Social Media

If you are a tech-savvy person, you would have surely heard about Instagram. It is a social media platform enabling people to upload photos and videos. However, some Instagram features help a business to grow efficiently. The Instagram Guide is one such feature that makes the post quite engaging. As a brand owner, you should consider uploading guides.

Here, the five key ways of using the Instagram guide are mentioned in detail. Try to follow the procedures; however, do proper planning and try to publish relevant content.

Showcase Products
Generally, a brand deals with one or more products. One of the primary marketing executions for a product is showcasing. As a brand owner, you can showcase one or multiple products on the Instagram Guide.

Ways of planning
• It will help if you plan according to the characteristics of the products or the physical features like style and color.
• Add captions with each product you show and try mentioning the price or the offers you are ready to provide to the viewer (random potential customer). Relevant captions can always help to boost the viewer's engagement on your Instagram handle. This will automatically lead your business to enhance the level of sales at any point in time.
• All products you highlight on the Instagram Guide post must be clear. Remember not to edit the pictures much as it can lead to the misconception among your customers. To boost your business, you need to avoid misleading your clients at all costs, as it can be dangerous for your business.

Provide Instructions On A Specific Matter
If you deal with a brand, you can think of different approaches to instruct the customers. Instagram Guide can allow you to post pictures with messages that can help the viewers learn certain things. The details of the planning procedure are given below:

Ways of planning
• As a brand owner, you can instruct people about using a product or maintaining it. Along with instructions, you can also write about the hacks that people can apply to enhance the product's longevity.
• You should find a good time to post an Instagram Guidepost with instructions regarding a matter. Consider your brand and the target audience primarily and publish the post when they are likely to be active on Instagram.
• As you are providing instructions to the people, make sure to use lucid language with simple words. No person might develop an interest to view the post on Instagram if you use formal language. Try keeping a friendly way of presenting things intact while dealing with the Instagram audience.
• In case you deal with a service brand like a finance company, you can instruct the Instagram audience regarding the ways of taking a loan and managing it. Another Instagram Guide post that deals with the 'How to' approach.

Make Travel Itineraries For Marketing Purposes
Large organizations in the world have changed into a brand dealing with the global tourism sector. However, if you have just started a small-scale local venture, you can easily use the Instagram Guide for marketing purposes. The necessary planning process is given below, and you can expect to get good results from it. However, you can have the independence to apply your creativity.

Ways of planning
• On publishing an Instagram Guide, you should always try to keep it within a single destination. Make sure the series of images you post does not belong to random locations. At times, this can turn down a viewer to go through your post. Try making multiple Instagram Guides for a single destination in case you have to inform a lot.
• On an Instagram Guide related to tourist destinations, you can inform the people how to reach the place or say about the sight-seeing spots. In other Instagram Guides, you can describe the festivals of a particular area and why people should visit that place during the occasion. A guidepost on Instagram can also be made on the dishes that all tourists must try while staying.
• As you are posting on Instagram, make sure the pictures are clear and vibrant. The images attached on the Instagram Guides can attract the viewers to see your post.
• Attaching a call to action on all the travel-related Instagram Guides can help to boost up sales. However, the only thing you need to check is your website link on the Instagram profile.
• Always consider it a good idea to make copies of a specific Guidepost as it can work well in case of reposting. Reposting on Instagram is a bold step as it can ensure proper audience exposure.
• As a travel brand owner, you should always act as a friend and guide to the customers (Instagram viewers). So, avoid using a load of information or facts on your Guideposts.

Informing About A Brand
If your brand is new and wants to position it in the market, the best way to inform the random mass is by making a brand story. Instagram Guide can be an excellent way to present a brand story before your followers.

Ways of Planning
• To present your brand's story, you need a transparent and honest write-up regarding how the journey started. As the owner, you have to tell people about what inspired you to come into a business.
• It will always be better if you publish the write-up in a comfortable and readable font as of the demand of the social media platform. Avoid writing anything on the caption as people are mostly eager to check out the images on Instagram.
• Apart from the story-telling part, you can publish the images of the product you initially used to deal with. The gradual advancement can be shown up with the help of photographs on Instagram.
• No matter if your brand is product or service-centric, you can include pictures with your previous customers. This can increase the customers' interest in your Instagram Guide.

Collaboration with an Instagram Influencer
All brands, no matter big or small, can collaborate with an Instagram Influencer. The best you can get by collaborating with an influencer is audience propagation. Moreover, you can get a chance to share the Instagram Guides made by the influencer.

All you need is the right Instagram influencer who can relate to your product or service and describe them to the audience.

Ways of planning
• Look for a brand ambassador for your brand and request him/her to create Instagram Guides on its behalf.
• Share the Instagram Guides on a timely basis with the most relevant hashtags.

Final Words
Being one of the latest features, Instagram Guides can be the best way to reach the audience. However, every brand owner needs proper planning to make a Guide. To get these opportunities and to grab the attention of global customers, you need to hire mobile app developers.

You have two options in case of making an Instagram Guide. Either you can take some pre-published photos to design a post or input some new photos. The only thing to keep in mind is tracking the posts' reach and addressing the viewers with sheer devotion and care.

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