12 Important Ideas To Build Your Brand With More Engagement On Instagram

  • By Caterina Taylor
  • 20-05-2021
  • Social Media

With more than 1 billion active users monthly, Instagram has grown into a leading advertising platform for all business people and marketers. The potential of Instagram marketing reaches a higher point day by day that helps boost your brand substantially.

More than 90% of users on Instagram follow at least one business account. It is not that they only follow products but also concentrate on service-based marketers. An average of 36% of decision-makers use Instagram to find out new products and services.

Likewise, here are the 12 best ideas to build higher engagement for your brand and grow your business to a higher level.

Idea #1: Interact With Your Target Audience
A small research on Instagram can help you to find out your target audience who shows interest in your business. Driving more engagement involves interacting with your audiences. Before you start to interact, create brand trust among them with your engaging posts. Then start your conversation with the content on the caption.

Respond to the comments for your every post immediately without any delay. Ask quotations to your audience through comments to engage your audience with your post. When your business grows, you may not be able to respond to all the comments. You can simply hit like to those comments at that time, creating a good relationship among them.

Idea #2: Set A Clear Objective
The marketing phenomenon on Instagram will not bloom well unless you set a goal for your business or brand. Know what your business needs to grow and define objectives accordingly. Goals may differ for each marketer based on their brand. There are goals that may help you to set for your business.

Increase traffic to your website
Online presence
Improving conversion rate
Enhancing brand awareness
Satisfying your customers
Increasing followers count
Making a relationship with influencers

The goals that you select should be more specific and relevant to your business. With an active community of your audience, reach your brand to a higher level gaining accurate results.

Idea #3: Optimize Your Profile
Instagram provides an option to show your profile in an engaging way with just 150 characters. The first impression is the best one to convey your brand's personality to your visitors. Tell your viewers the benefit of following you in the same 150 characters. The user should find out what your brand exactly is from your bio information.

Provide a unique and attractive profile picture related to your brand, which is common in all your social media accounts. It makes it easier for your audience to find you. You can include a clickable URL on your bio directing your audience to your landing page. Show your contact information along with your business location to make interaction easier.

Idea 4: Post Engaging Instagram Stories
Posting your content on Instagram stories is a perfect way to engage your audience with your brand. Stories are a short video form where you can include multiple videos like a slideshow form for 15 seconds, which lasts 24 hours. If you are a verified user, you can include links in your Instagram Stories. If not, you can simply add a CTA button directing to the page where you want your audience.

Since stories display on top of your audience's Instagram feed, there are many chances to view your stories instantly and respond to you, creating higher engagement for your brand.

Idea 5: Make Tutorials On IGTV
The real way to engage your audience on your brand is by showing your product physically through IGTV (Instagram TV) that creates brand trust and increases brand awareness. You have to make your IGTV video engaging with real likes by providing tutorial videos of using your product.

Plan to shoot a video with useful tips for your audience. For example, if your product is related to any decorative products, show a video by decorating a room for celebration with tips to follow by your audience. It creates a strong and positive relationship among your audience.

Idea #6: Cross Promote On Other Platforms
Make promotions for your Instagram profile on all other social media platforms. Because your Facebook audience may differ from your Instagram audience. So, cross-promoting on other sites may let your audience know your Instagram profile and engage with your content.

The method of cross promoting leads to both audience engagement and brand awareness. Another way to increase followers count is by promoting that to watch your Instagram stories for more details. So any new audience will follow you to gather more information.

Idea #7: Know The Active Time Of Your Audience
Track your audience's performance regularly to know their interest and create an engaging post accordingly. Make your online presence and get to know your audience's active time, and then post your engaging content at a specific time when your audience is active to make a better performance for your posts.

Instagram offers analytics features for business accounts to track their audience’s active time. Schedule your post according to the prioritization in the active time and engage your audience with your content bringing a higher reach for your brand.

Idea #8: Come Up With Reels
Reels is a short and engaging form of video to entertain your audience, similar to TikTok. Using trending videos and popular songs, various brands and users engage other audiences with their creativity. Reels can make you popular easily with your engaging content.

Choose a trending song or music that matches your brand, and shoot a short video with fast or slow-moving features on Reels. Get more reel views and gain more audience to follow your Instagram account and make them follow you.

Idea #9: Think Of The Hashtag Usage
The hashtag is an important tool to improve your brand visibility on Instagram. Choose relevant hashtags related to your business or brand to make it popular. People can find your post easily by searching the related word of your hashtag.

Encourage your audience to share your branded hashtag, which improves your post visibility when people search the related keyword. You can select relevant hashtags on the search bar just by typing the relevant word.

Idea #10: Perform Ads
Instagram provides an opportunity to grow your brand in a speedy way by introducing the advertising feature. Using ads, you can target your audience according to their age, location, interest, behavior, gender, etc. It helps to reach your wider audience who shows interest in your business.

The three main types of ads on Instagram are,
Photo Ad - These ads allow you to publish content in an image form like the normal post.
Video Ad - Video ad displays in the form of video on the feed of your target audiences for a minimum of 15 seconds.
Carousel Ad - It displays ads the same as the photo ad but in a slideshow form.

Idea #11: Provide Consistent Post
According to studies, your Instagram account performs well when you post one or two contents consistently per day. Providing fresh and relevant content may grab your follower’s attention regularly to your account.

The content you post should be consistent throughout your account, creating brand trust among your followers. The best time to post on Instagram is 11 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 7 PM. Scheduling your important content on weekend days performs more than other days.

Idea #12: Run Interesting Contest
Conducting interesting contests on Instagram allows you to attract many new audiences to your brands. Make an idea to reach a huge audience by running an interesting contest with amazing prizes. For example, you can conduct a contest by asking your audience to tag their friends in the comments. It reaches out to your audience’s friends also. Announce the winner on your Instagram stories with a prize related to your brand, creating higher engagement.

Wrapping Up
Choosing Instagram marketing to build your brand is an excellent choice for your business to reach heights. Grow and engage your audience with your creative and trending content. Spend most of your time on Instagram with engaging content to increase your brand engagement. Use the above ideas to attract the eye of your audience and get more engagement for your business.


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