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10 Proven Social Media Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Website

  • By Morris Edwards
  • 11-02-2020
  • Social Media

Social media is home to billions of users. It is said to be a central source for generating e-commerce business.

Do you want to drive extraordinary traffic to your website?

Of course!! you want to use some tactics to increase the traffic. Sometimes it's irritating when you don’t have any followers and nobody reads your data. You can waste a lot of money and time to chase some tricks online for small work.

To get the traffic on your website is worth the cost if you are attracting high-quality traffic

With different proven social media strategies, the traffic to your website can be increased by some relevant and persuasive marketing strategies.

How to use different strategies to increase the traffic on your website?

Optimization of social media profiles
Social media plays a central role in building any brand and give it recognition. It is important to optimize your social media profile as we optimize the website. Always include the keyword in your social media biography. Your website SEO will work well if you add uplinks. It also increases the rank of your social media profile and it works as an asset to your brand.

Understand your audience
It is very important to understand the need of your audience. It can be done in different ways so that more audiences will be engaged. You can easily communicate with clients so that they can give some feedback regarding their experience and you can give them efficient experience in the future.

Try to reply to your audience instantly so that they do not need to wait. Try to post some interesting content so that they love to read and it keeps the audience connected from time to time. Try to know when your audience is more active and post the content at that maximum.

Use software like BuzzSumo to check what your competitors are up to. This will accumulate the social performance of your website and give you a glance at what topics are resonating to the user and try to find what your user is reading.

Right content
Create insatiable content for your website because the content is the king. It will keep the visitor engaged to your website. As much as they share the content, it will help to promote your website. There are some tips that can be used for the right content areas:

1. Try to use the short-tail keywords so that your content can be searched frequently it gives you a better chance of the ranking and it means more traffic.
2. Use specific keywords and phrases and keywords so that your content can be found easily.
3. Use the headlines for your content. It will help you to find your content.

Post consistently
Publish all the content consistently and post it daily to connect your audience and the exposure through social media. Customize your all content and publish it carefully and put the right content for each platform.

This way everyone will share your content. Always try to post on social media so that more people can connect to your website. Using hashtags can improve the performance of your website. Post on different social networking websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Answer the questions on quora
Quora is the right style to answer the questions.quora is a very powerful tool. Try to answer every question on quora, it will drive traffic to your medium so that more users will engage on the website. Make sure that your answers are correct and explained in detail what you are talking about. Now how to answer well on the website. Here are some tips:
● Keep the answer to the point.
● Use bold, italics and underline.
● Try to explain the examples.
● Link your pages to add value to your content.

Send newsletter
Email marketing is the best tool to communicate with customers. With email marketing, we can increase traffic. Send the newsletter to your audience to display your brand to your focused audience. Make ensure that you are providing useful information to your audience and the right links.

Mobile usability
Ensure that your website is user-friendly. Use some tools to check whether your site is efficient or not such as the Google page insight tool. It will check the compatibility with the mobile phone of your website. It will give ease to the customer to access your website so that you can work properly.

Increase external links
Content development is the driving force for any website or blog. Make sure you add maximum links to your site. This is not only a better SEO practice as well as it increases the traffic on the site. If you get an opportunity to add a link on any article or on any page and you find it an appropriate place then go for it.

Perfect your website
You can perfect your website and it can be done in an hour or two to begin the process of improving your site. To build any website is a step by step process. The website can be fully functional but it took the time to run it properly.

The website must always be perfect and there are some methods can make it better every day so that it can work properly. Make it so effective so whenever the user reaches on-site they will love to use the site.

Hire a few experts to maintain the technicalities of the site so that the site will run effectively. Develop some good graphics and design and try to produce error-free content. When everything comes into place than the site will run hassle-free.

Share audio and visual content
Make your website more interesting by adding images, figures and some audio content because these things make the site very interesting and lively. It will increase the visibility of your audience. Here are some key points that will the site very eye-catching such as:

● HD pictures
● Vibrant colours
● Well-designed layouts
● Visual that tell stories
● Visuals focusing on services and products

Final thoughts
To conclude, patience and persistence are the key strategies to make your website work proficiently.

These strategies will give fruitful results in the long term and customer-centric is the major key for any successful marketing campaign.

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