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How To Optimize Google Ads Campaign?

  • By Ramesh Chandra
  • 03-04-2021
  • SEO

Google AdWords is a Pay Per Click advertisement campaign, run on Google search engine. It is not similar to the sponsored ads run on social media channels like Facebook. Rather, the Google AdWords campaign has two ways to reach out to people; One is through Google Search Network and the other is through Google Display Network.
Google Display Ads are basically showcased on a network of third-party websites to attract more customers. This network contains millions of websites, so there are ample options. Google display ads can be in several formats like; Banner, App, Text, Gmail, and Pre-roll & interstitial ads.

Talking about the Search Engine Marketing, these are the text-based ads appearing on the Google SERP along with other search results related to the query of people about products or services. They are differentiated by the “Ad” tag mentioned next to the search result URL.

Google Ads is the world’s biggest online advertising platform, helping millions of businesses to reach new customers. It is very vital to optimize the Google Ads Campaign, to get the best results. Few of such ways are elaborated in this article.


This is the URL that potential clients see when they come across your PPC ads. It redirects them to the ultimate landing page when clicked. The actual landing page URL need not be the same as the display URL, but it must be in the same domain.

Few tips to make the relevancy of display URL more effective are as following:

-Call to action: It is an interactive way of driving clicks to your website, once the prospect sees your Google ad. The prospect knows what he needs to do next when he sees a call action buttons like; Buy Now, Learn More, Book Your Stay, Customer Service, etc. These buttons are mentioned at the end of the Google display ad itself.
-Keywords: Keywords must be used in the display URL. This helps Google to easily crawl your ads as per the search query and display ads to the related user.

-Readable: The display ad must not be written in complex format. Hyphens and camel case must be used to make it more readable and user-friendly.


While running a Google AdWords campaign, you need to combine matching and themed keywords under one group. In fact, the themed keywords can also help in reducing the costs of the campaign.

The marketer must consider using Exact match, Broad match, and Phrase match bid types while preparing Ad campaign. As the terms state, Exact match refers to the exact keywords you are targeting to get the best response, while Phrase match bids must be at least 75% of the exact match because they have comparatively low results. However, the Broad match searches are the worst they cover hardly 25% of the exact matches.

Keywords affect the quality scores ad click-through rates. Thus, to get better results, themed keywords must be kept under smaller ad groups rather than broader ad groups.


Ad extensions are the additional information mentioned in your display Ad to catch the attention of visitors. This aids in getting a competitive edge and also boosts the clicks of the prospects to visit your site.

While using Google AdWords, using ‘Call extension’ can tremendously increase your click-through-rates. People can even click a button or tap to contact your business directly from your ads even without visiting your landing page.
Apart from this, ‘Price extension’ can also be used to give more details about your offerings, at the end of your text ad.

Last but not the least, ‘Ratings & Review extension’ allows you to add social proof directly in your ads to attract more customers.


Ad copies are all a game revolving around expected search queries of the users. With AdWords, the marketer can customize as well as personalize the ad copies to match at a great extent as per the keywords of the search queries.
Moreover, in case you are a local advertiser, geo-customizers can be used for dynamically updating the ad according to the searcher’s location of interest or physical location. This helps you in reaching the quality traffic suitable for your business. The irrelevant ad displays in other locations can be avoided.

In fact, the ad campaigns can be customized as per these demographic traits like; audience, device, age, time, or gender.


At the end of the day, Ads and clicks are of no use, if the leads are not getting converted to your site. Building a sense of urgency is a great way to influence users to act in lesser time. Once the essence of Ad is faded, the prospect delays to act. Hence, urgency assists in preventing procrastination by the user.

AdWords lets you add a countdown timer in the ads to highlight your future events, this helps in encouraging clicks on your ads by generating a sense of urgency. In fact, the ads with countdown timer work much better than other ad copies.

After clicking on the ad, the user must find the same timer on the landing page to feel the sense of urgency. Countdown timers can be used to promote; Flash sales, Seasonal & Holiday campaigns, Limited-edition products & services, etc.


Google AdWords is the core way of marketing for any business type in the current world. However, using it wisely can only ensure getting results in the best interest of the company. The stated tips and tactics to optimize the Google Ad campaign can not only improve the click-through rates but also, enable the conversion of quality leads coming to your website.

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