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How To Connect Traditional With Digital Marketing

  • By Billy Bum
  • 07-06-2021
  • SEO

Implementing a comprehensive marketing strategy is essential for long-term business success. This doesn't mean that you should give up on traditional ways of promoting your business, nor that you should solely focus on the internet! To achieve success and be ahead of your time, consider connecting traditional with digital marketing. How can you do that?

Even though combining two different things seems impossible, you can achieve greater marketing success if you experiment! However, you should carefully think about the strategies you’ll implement. Here are some that will help you kickstart your marketing campaign!

1. Combine direct mail with your website
Believe it or not, people still enjoy receiving direct mail. If you want to target a less accessible group of people, this would be your ideal way to do so. However, how can you ensure that in the modern world people will take time to check out your leaflet or a note they received in the mail? Combine it with digital marketing!

Create a custom note for each receiver and implement a QR code on your website. Who has the time to type in the URL? By implementing the QR code, you will ease the process of visiting your website. This strategy works particularly well if you have a discount or engaging landing page.

2. Follow up calls for your online surveys
A lot of companies have started doing online surveys about their services and products. Additionally, surveys, where businesses learn more about customers, are not rare either. Instead of calling 1000 people during the day hoping at least, 50 will agree to fill out your survey, you can create it in a digital form. But what does that have to do with traditional marketing?

Many customers expect feedback or further information. So, to personalise this process as much as possible, instead of sending them a boring email, contact them through the phone. Give them a call to thank them for their time and ask them additional questions about their answers. This will not only increase satisfaction but also build brand loyalty.

3. Print media with deep media nurturing
Did you know that the first newspaper ad appeared at the beginning of the 18th century?! Who would've thought people over 200 years later would still use print media! However, this type of digital marketing simply doesn't end there. You can bring it back to life in a new form combined with deep media nurturing!

Instead of running ads in digital magazines or solely relying on tradition, combine these two to create accelerated conversion rates. Use niche magazines and create customised messages that will help you expand your business further. You don't only get to target a specific group of people, you'll also have a chance to design and place your ad in print media however you like, which attracts more attention!

4. Offer customer service online
Customer services over the phone are still one of the most popular ways to deal with the problems customers have with the products or services you've provided them with. However, if you want to keep up with innovations, think digitally!

You can offer customer support and services online. Isn’t that the same? Instead of overloading your employees with additional work, implement AI chatbots that will deal with those issues for you. AI brings many benefits to modern marketing, so try to keep up!

5. Banners with geotargeting
One of the strongest ways to advertise your business in traditional B2B marketing was putting up a billboard or a banner. Even though you may think banners are a thing of the past, they are still a leading way of advertising your business or product! But how can you combine it with digitalisation?

Use geotargeting. This technique determines the location of your client or customer based on the website visits and delivers traditional content to their location. The ideal target location can be a conference room, sports arena or something similar. Just put up your pull up banners and roll your marketing strategy to victory!

6. Promote a local event online
Is your business organising a local event and you want your fellow citizens to join you there? You need to find ways to promote it! Even though traditional means used to be enough, in the modern world where most people are on the internet all day, every day, finding an alternative strategy to promote the event is crucial.

As local events promote your business on spot, try to include a digital marketing strategy and promote it online. Use content marketing tips to achieve your goals and reach a wider pool of audience for your event. Various digital content will keep your audience engaged and prepare it for the local event you’ve been waiting for!

As you can see, merging traditional and modern is possible. Even though traditional marketing strategies aren’t as powerful as they used to be, when combined with digital solutions you’ll be able to create a comprehensive ad that will help you achieve your goals! So, think ahead of your time, find best software development companies and merge different strategies for amazing results.

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