How To Build A Seamless Content Strategy To Engage Your Instagram Audience

  • By Sarah James
  • 28-07-2021
  • SEO

Instagram is a leading social media platform to build a business with incredible engagement rates. Some accounts on Instagram get good engagement no matter what they post, and some profiles remain unknown. To become famous on Instagram, you have to post attractive pictures but also follow a content strategy. When you are strategic with content, you tend to attract a target audience, enhance engagement rate, and boost your presence. Let's see how to build a content strategy on Instagram.

#1. Study Your Instagram Profile
Assess your Instagram profile to get an exact idea about where you stand and how to improve your presence. For that, you'll have to follow these things:

Profile bio helps you to attract a target audience and get an engaged community. Write an excellent bio in your profile, which could be contact details, services that you offer, or drop a link to your website to give core insights of your brand.

Your ideal followers scrolling through the feed should find value in your posts. Make sure you provide informative content rather than promotions that may end people unfollowing you. Your content must complement your bio; it should guide or interest the target audience.

Set up a business goal that lets you choose the right content to post on Instagram. It may seem like some accounts have sporadic posts, but plenty of groundwork goes behind them for the fact of the matter. Your goal has to focus on building brand recognition, improving sales, acquiring engaged communities, increasing followers, and growing your web traffic.

Experts advise you to research how your competitor channels work, what kind of words they use, go through their posts to know which subject suits your niche, and remodel your Instagram post.

Always note a strategy that best works for you, and implement the same in other posts. If you see your videos acquire more engagement than the image, consider posting creative videos as part of your content plan. If your website receives poor web traffic, consider rewriting bio to build an engaging community.

#2. Improve Your Content Strategy
Start planning content strategy once you get a clear idea of what exactly works for you.

Develop a Content Theme: Your Instagram feeds must stick to a consistent theme that contemplates your brand. Choose a style of colors, fonts, and filters that reflects your brand. Present your content in different formats, where it could be single photos, carousel posts, reels, IGTV videos, stories, or live.

Content Marketing Structure: Most marketers make use of Content marketing matrix,

a. Create brand awareness to acquire higher visibility and to become a trusted brand.
b. By posting engaging content, you must make your followers look for your posts eagerly. You could post videos, images behind the scenes of your upcoming work, FAQs and start a poll to ask them to vote on two answers.
c. You launch a new product or service; when your loyal customers are likely to purchase, you can ask them to review the product. You may use custom hashtags in promotion posts that will help you increase your reach.

Utilize a Calendar to forecast Content Plan: Create a posting calendar to get a better picture of upcoming posts. You have to focus on following points:

Take a look at your competitor's channel to get an idea of how often they post, one post a day or four times a week, or in what format to post.

Instagram lets you check your followers' insights to understand the best times to post. Plan your content because some of your loyal followers could be more active.

You can use scheduling tools available in the market to ease your planning process.

#3. Boost Your Content To Reach Target Audience
Instagram features your content to 1-2% of your followers; when they react with likes, or comments, etc., on your post, decides whether it will get broadcasted to a large audience. Simultaneously, you could use automatic likes for Instagram to increase visibility, get a high engagement rate, and generate sales. Making your posts visible to many people is not that difficult as you imagine; there are ways to boost your content visibility on Instagram,

Publicize your content on other social media platforms to reach more people and increase engagement.
Collaborate with Influencers to grow your brand and increase sales.
Generate branded hashtags that inspire people to use in their captions.
Run Instagram Giveaways to increase visibility and get great reach.
Make Instagram ads to screen content to a large audience.

#4. Observe Profile Analytics
Examining profile performance plays an essential role in building a successful content strategy. It simply helps you understand what kind of posts your audience is interested in and optimize your posting strategies to improve engagement. To name a few to monitor on Instagram is followers growth, followers location, engagement rate, clickthrough rate, feed post insights, stories insights.

These are some incredible ways to build content to gain engaged community and boost engagement.

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