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Blogging Mistakes That Are Costing You Traffic and Income

  • By Emily Moore
  • 29-07-2021
  • SEO

Making blogging mistakes can turn out very expensive if you want to increase blog traffic and make a solid online presence. Blogs appeared in the 1990s and since then have become one of the unique platforms to express observations, opinions, emotions, and thoughts; you can think of it as an online diary or journal with a short follow-up.

Today, you will find millions of blogs in different areas representing individuals (professionals, celebrities, ordinary people who want to share their ideas) or brands and companies that need awareness. More than providing valuable information to their visitors, business organizations use blogs to achieve far more things like drive sales and conversions and become a space unicorn of their field.

It takes a lot of effort to create a successful blog. This article will talk about some common mistakes that one makes when learning how to generate blog traffic.

Common Blogging Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here are some common mistakes you should avoid if you want to learn how to drive traffic to your blog:

Do Not Write Just For The Sake Of It
If you consider the standard payment method, column writers are paid based on the number of words. However, this is not true in the case of blogging. The main objective of blogging is to provide valuable information to your readers. It is vital to give more priority to the quality of your blog instead of the quantity.

If you write a high-quality blog, Google will notice your blog and rank it higher on the search engine search result page. Your blog has to be precise. Ensure that you explain your idea in no more than 200 words. Additionally, it is also quite helpful to add some personal touch to the articles and blogs you write. This will undoubtedly increase your blog traffic.

Not Understanding Your Target Audience
It's one of the most common mistakes committed by bloggers. They tend to create content about almost everything without even knowing who their target audiences are. They give no regard to the audiences or what they want to read about.

Therefore, it is essential to understand for whom you are writing the blog. Do some research about your target audience to know what they want to read about and their interests. This way, you will provide value to your target audience.

Not Asking For Any Response
Your readers will not take any action if you do not ask them to. In fact, they may not take any action, even after you have asked them to. However, it is essential that you at least try to get them to take any action on your blog. Therefore, it is vital to add a call-to-action (CTA) button on your blogs.

The most common CTA is asking your audience to make a comment. You can also add other CTAs like asking people to share the blog to their social media handles like Facebook and Instagram. It will result in growing blog traffic.

Not Maintaining Consistency
For bloggers, there is nothing more important than being consistent. Inconsistency is often a grave error. When a blogger starts out, they maintain consistency; as time passes by, they start becoming inconsistent.

Being inconsistent does not mean that they are not posting enough. It only means that they are unable to engage with the audiences at the same level each time or write sub-par articles just to publish a blog. You should try to deliver quality content regularly, whether it is once a week or a month. Inconsistent publishing will make your readers forget about you and not contribute anything to your blog traffic stats.

Writing Only For SEO
There are two types of SEO bloggers – one that will write only for the search engine while the other does not consider search engines at all. In the case of the former, the blogger will write the content just to increase its rank on the search results; as a result, the blog post is often unreadable. However, you should also not disregard SEO, as we can see in the latter.

If you do not understand SEO, you can use tools like SEO Yoast to help you out. SEO is vital if you want your blogs to be found on the first page of Google. A general rule for bloggers is to first write for your readers and then write for the search engines.

Adding Minimal Backlinks
Not backlinking your blogs is another common mistake that you should avoid. Backlinking is often done to build relationships. For instance, you can include the link to other brands and companies in your blog and ask them to share it with their followers. Of course, you may also have to pay for these links, mainly if they belong to reputable websites.

Adding sufficient backlinks is considered one of the best ways to drive blog traffic. It will also help increase your SEO ranking. All you need to do is follow some basic rules for backlinking on your website. If you do not backlink enough, your blog could suffer concerning SEO ranking.

Final Thoughts on Blog Traffic Mistakes
The above-mentioned tips will be beneficial if you want to increase the traffic to your blog, especially if you are looking for free blog traffic without having to spend any funds. With the help of these tips, you will improve the ranking of your blog and increase traffic and conversions.

Would you like to add anything? What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comments!

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