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5 Little-Known Growth Hacks to Speed Up Your Lead Generation in 2021

  • By James Stone
  • 06-08-2021
  • SEO

Leads are like blood to the business. You need a constant flow of leads to get your business going. There are a number of platforms that B2B marketers and businesses use for lead generation. For B2B lead generation, LinkedIn is an incredibly powerful platform used by 90% of the marketers and salespeople.

With more than 760 million prospects, this platform offers countless lead generation opportunities. Here you can find your ideal prospects, virtually build networks, build relationships and nurture leads.

However, B2B lead generation on LinkedIn is not a straight process nor is there a one-size-fits-all strategy. You need to have some tactics and growth hacks in hand to do successful lead generation.

Let’s have a look at some useful growth hacks below:

1. Target the Right Audience

For successful lead generation, it is essential that B2B marketers and salespersons know and understand their target audience.
Before running any ad or campaign, you must know where your audience resides and what their interests are.

You can’t expect good results when you’re targeting the wrong audience. The success of your campaign depends on targeting the right people with the right message at the right time. Thus, research your audience first and shape your campaign's goals accordingly.

2. Use Personalized Content

Personalizing your approach is very important if you want to grab the attention of your ideal leads.

Gone are the days when a cold approach used to bring you leads. Today, prospects only respond to messages which are interesting and include important details about their problems and solutions.

Thus, make sure you do enough search to collect data about prospects and use data to personalize your messages.

Moreover, make sure you post relevant content in your feed. This is a very useful hack to get the attention of industry-specific potential leads.

3. Target LinkedIn Groups

Another way you can generate leads on LinkedIn is by leveraging the power of LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn groups are small hubs where industry-specific like-minded people interact with each other and share growth strategies.

You can join these groups and participate maximum to establish your authority. Once you have done that, more people will know you and then you can run personalized campaigns for them offering them your product or services.

4. Automate Your LinkedIn Lead Generation

You can generate better lead generation results by automating your process using the best LinkedIn automation tools.

LinkedIn automation is very useful for turning tedious, boring ad time-taking tasks such as profile searching, visiting, connecting, sending messages, follow-ups, etc. into quick and efficient processes.

Using automation, you can generate 3x more deals in a short time that’d otherwise take you months and still give insignificant results.

5. Use the Power of InMails

InMail is a direct messaging option offered by LinkedIn premium. Using InMail, you can send direct messages to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections without even connecting with them.

This means that you can directly contact people who you’ve engaged with in a group chat or posts comments without sending connect requests and waiting for them to accept.

According to surveys, 90% of prospects open InMails and consider them important. Thus, make sure you write very specific and personalized InMails that will bring responses.

That’s a wrap! We have mentioned a list of useful growth hacks that will surely streamline your lead generation processes and bring you amazing leads in a short time.

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