the use and the growth of mobile apps in 2023 and beyond

The Use and the Growth of Mobile Apps in 2023 and Beyond

  • By Prashant Pujara
  • 03-01-2023
  • Mobile Apps

2022 is here to an end, and the business still recovers from the tough losses that you still can recover and that they face during the pandemic crisis. Also, it would help if you had to thank all the latest and perfect innovations with the digital-first technologies that will enable you to work from remote access and even continue with the business practices by the transition to the digital and the mobile-first and cloud-based cross-platform solutions.

It is growing at the fastest speed with the mobile app, which is a motivating factor for all tech leaders. This will bring innovations in mobile app development as they will unlock many opportunities to make the best stand from all competitors. As IT trends will have a rapid evolution. Now let's look at some of the innovations the mobile apps will bring to the best of the upcoming year 2023 and beyond.

Why are the mobile app and its development so popular?

The demand for mobile applications will increase daily because the mobile app and its development market will experience massive advancements and elevations. The company has a curated list, and here they are:

1. Base smartphone user

Depending on the user base, there is the Smartphone revolution, and there is rapid growth from 0.3 to 0.6 billion every year. As you can see in the graph, the Smartphone and its user count will state 3.6 billion in 2016, and recently in 2022, it reports 6.6 billion users; the use of smartphones makes it possible. It is in the expectations that they will reach 7.7 billion users of smartphones in access by the year 2027.

2. Smartphone Usage

As per the survey in the year 2022, the current number of Smartphone users worldwide is 7.26 billion, meaning 91.00% of the world's total population owns smartphones. One of the studies will also find that, on average, a normal person doesn't have around four hours 23 minutes daily that checks the Smartphone. Now there are many reasons for you to know behind the use of intensive Smartphones, including digitalization and the necessary availability of the services.

3. Statistics of mobile app download

As per the research by Statista, approximately 247 billion apps were downloaded globally in 2020; this is the figure with an estimated reach of 299 billion by the year 2023. Google plays tore is the most trusted, and you have a large daily audience to download several mobile applications. App Store becomes the second largest mobile app and store in the world, which comes with 3.5 million during its second quarter in the year 2022. It is a number that will fluctuate and give Google and the Apple Store regular removal of low-quality apps from the app stores. With the massive popularity and even growing user base with global impact.

4. Retention statistics of mobile app

When there is the development of mobile applications, the major focus will be on user retention and its rate. The mobile app will have the calculative factor that will continue and make it the basic details to get the best installation. The more the app is installed, the more the user impacts the app; hence, there will be a high retention rate.

What are the factors that affect the development of mobile app development in the year 2023?

Foldable Smartphone:

The change in the Smartphone is making the best, and its growth is in a change where you can flip the phone to get into the touchscreen, and there is no button. In the last few years, there will be an exposure to the users with the most use of foldable Smartphones.

5G technology:

There is a perfect rollout with 5G technology, and you will offer substantial improvement in the mobile app and the development with the perfect creation. 5G connection speed will be there with ten times impact and the fast access to name it the best move. Now the operating speed will be high.

AI integration:

AI is the latest in the spot, and for this point, it will come a long way; you can think of mobile virtual assistants like the firm of Siri and Alexa. There is perfect data analytics and a machine learning approach.


Now in the year 2023, the growth of mobile development is tremendous, and it will have a big impact that will help your business to grow for the better good.

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