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10 Financial Apps And Programs For Small Businesses

  • By John Ocampos
  • 26-12-2019
  • Mobile Apps

Getting to own a small business has its perks, you get to manage everything. This means you know what’s happening around your business. It may sound great to get your hands on every detail and aspect, but doing it is not simple.

Having to micromanage all departments is a challenge. It’s not a one-man job, but for independent businesses sometimes it is. You have to manage people (employees and customers), finance, inventory, and stocks. This sounds intimidating, but small business owners, don’t have to worry.

Since the advancement of technology, and its continual growth, many software, and apps are released daily. Hence, making everyone's life easy, including business owners. Now with the help of these apps, entrepreneurs of small enterprises can manage their day-to-day business.

To make life easy, here are ten best financial apps and programs you can use to manage your business like never before.


All-in-one app is what Xero is all about. This cloud-based software covers almost everything you need for your business. The software has features such as keeping track of your invoices and expenses, paying bills, managing your bank/ financial accounts, store and check reports and inventory, balance sheets, and income statements. Also, Xero includes a payroll service for your employees.

Xero is available for a 30-day free trial on every plan offered.

Plans: Early Plan ($9/mon), Growing Plan ($30/mon), and Established Plan ($60/mon)


QuickBooks is the perfect software to manage every entrepreneur’s invoices, payment acceptance, inventory, and time tracking. This software also has a cloud-based version to easily sync your data from one device to another. In addition, QuickBooks’ users can invite accountants or bookkeepers to manage their accounts if they are not skilled to do the job.

This software has four plans available to choose from. The user can upgrade from one plan to another, except for the Self-employed plan.

Plans: Self-Employed ($15/mon), Simple Start ($25/mon), Essential ($40/mon), and Plus ($70/mon). An additional $35/mon can be included for payroll services.


If you are looking for a free app to manage your finances, you can give Wave a go. This accounting software is tailored for small enterprise owners or freelancers who don’t want to spend a lot when it comes to managing their finances.
Wave is great to stay on track with your expenses, bank statements, and financial reports. It also connects users, who need assistance regarding their finance and accounting, to local accountants.

The payroll services feature comes at a low price ($20/mon), with an addition of $4 per employee.

Plan: Free


With 24 million users, FreshBooks is one of the most recommended accounting software. The outstanding services offered by FreshBooks are great for personalizing invoices, tracking profit and loss of your business, good customer service, and accepting payments via a third-party app.

Plan: Lite ($15/mon), Plus ($25/mon), Premium ($50/mon), and Select (Custom Pricing)


If you are not ready to break your bank account with expensive financial programs and applications, Sage One is perfect for you. This accounting app is said to be one of the most affordable apps, starting at $10/mon.

The low price of Sage One doesn’t hinder the quality of its features. It’s able to function like other accounting software with features such as tracking expenses, creating invoices, syncing your bank account in real-time, and more.

Plans: Accounting Start ($10/mon) and Accounting ($25/mon)


Managing your accounts and all bookkeeping tasks are extremely tedious. But with Zoho Books, all this boring data entry work is easily managed. This software is used for invoicing, bookkeeping, project management, and even customer relationship management.

Zoho Books is part of the Zoho Suite, a larger product of Zoho, that is used to manage larger companies.

Plans: Free, Basic ($9/mon), Standard ($19/mon), and Professional ($29/mon)


Kashoo offers solutions for business owners by keeping them on track with their expenses, personalizing invoices for customers, and managing payments. Kashoo creates a basic financial report that users can use to for tax filing.
It’s easy-to-use ability perfectly fits business owners with little accounting skills.

You can start your 14-day trial now.

Plans: $19.95/mon


GoDaddy offers more than a place to buy a domain and build your website. It also has a software that will help small shops to handle simple accounting tasks. If you are a one-man team, GoDaddy Bookkeeping perfectly suits you and your business.

Aside from being affordable, GoDaddy Bookkeeping has the option to link your accounts from Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and more. It calculates estimated quarterly tax, manages payment and follow-up, and track your business’ profit and loss.

Plans: Get Paid ($4.99/mon), Essentials ($9.99/mon), and Premium ($14.99/mon)


In today’s modern world, Productivity is a must. Working hard is not the only way to succeed anymore, but working smart matters too. That is why thousands of software, programs, and apps have been created to meet this goal. Expensify is one of them.

Expensify is a software created to make expense report stress-free. It allows users to take a picture of the receipt, and it will automatically turn into a report. There is no need to manually input all data into a time-consuming and mind-boggling spreadsheet.

Plans: Free, Track ($4.99/mon), Submit ($4.99/mon), Collect ($5/mon), and Control ($9/mon)


Keeping up with your expenses, no matter how small it is, seems quite difficult to manage when you run all aspects of your business. Sometimes business owners neglect this problem leading to unknown cause of unwanted expenses. But now, software like InDinero is ready to help sort out finances.

InDinero is designed to gather information from accounts, like credit cards or bank, you sync into it. It’ll then give you a financial report of your expenses, including what you spend on and when.

Aside from keeping track of your expense, InDinero also includes employee reimbursement, invoice tracking, and balance sheet. These features are only available on paid plans.

Plans: Start ($300/mon) and Custom Pricing

All these software and applications are easy to use and helpful for small enterprises. Take a spin on one of these tools to make your life easy when managing all of your business’s finance.

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