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Top Reasons to Use AngularJS And Ionic For Mobile App Development

  • By Sophie Zoria
  • 03-09-2020
  • Mobile App Development

Today, smartphones have become indispensable gadgets for every person. According to Statista, over 1.5 billion smartphones were sold worldwide in 2020 against 680 million in 2012. In this regard, the number of mobile applications is growing rapidly every day, which in turn leads to the emergence of new tools for mobile app development and modifications of existing ones.

Ionic and AngularJS are especially popular among application developers. Let’s dive into all peculiarities of the technology step by step.

Angular JS
Angular is the oldest framework for building SPAs. Developed by Google in 2010 and until 2016 was named Angular.js. In 2016, Angular.js 2 was released, which was essentially a completely new framework and was renamed Angular to avoid confusion. The main feature of Angular is two-way binding, which allows you to dynamically change data in one place of the interface when changing model data in another. One more prominent feature of Angular is that it uses TypeScript as its programming language.

AngularJS belongs to the modern types of frameworks that allow you to organize an integrated approach to solving many problems posed in a large project. Thanks to this software, the developer is able to split the application into several component JavaScript files, which will greatly facilitate the procedure for testing them for subsequent loading.

Angular JS also comprises the following features:
sets certain frameworks making the development process easier for beginners;
allows connecting third-party modules for extra functionality;
follows the concept of MVC (separation of appearance from logic, handling user actions)
HTML is well separated from the rest of the logic (it's easier to typeset the finished design into your application)
poses emphasis on TypeScript and OOP.

The Ionic technology is a convenient and practical set of development tools (SDK) with open source code, which greatly simplifies the "life" of programmers. Ionic allows you to develop mobile applications of any complexity for Android and IOS systems without the need for an in-depth study of the work of these platforms. A considerable number of various plugins have already been created for Ionic, which can be easily used depending on the tasks. The area of ​​application of this technology is huge but is mostly used to develop hybrid applications of any complexity.

Key features of Ionic are:
a huge built-in library of standard tools
a wide variety of plugins and modules
access to native functions
makes the development of mobile apps smooth.

You can develop apps in a browser, and Ionic functions allow you to see the results of your work in the application almost instantly. By using the Ionic framework, you can quickly enter the market with a feature-rich, reliable hybrid application, which means you can attract new customers, promote your business, and increase profits.

Why Use Angular and Ionic?
Angular and Ionic offer a host of benefits for mobile app development. In particular, Angular provides great opportunities for implementing complex web applications. In particular, the main capabilities are the binding of the model and view data, dividing the application into modules, template support, functions for conveniently working with promises, HTTP requests. This way, Angular:

- allows extending the current HTML vocabulary by generating new directives;
- designs UI via the HTML-based DSL language;
- eliminates the need to redraw the actual UI or construct standard functions thanks to bi-directional linking method and constant automated updates;
- is a fine-drawn tool of approved templates not imposing any limitations on JavaScript language;
- assists in getting accurate and compact code via the narrative tone of determining the UI .

Ionic is a beautiful open-source SDK for the development of awesome mobile apps via web technologies. Its ecosystem is enormous: comprising Ionic CLI/Push/Platform, it is capable of fulfilling all the needs of your application. As of today, it is the most popular platform among mobile app developers on GitHub due to the following advantages:

- high-performance product creation: Ionic mobile apps work well with any operating system. Performance is a distinctive feature of programs on this platform.
- framework with ample opportunities: Ionic programs are primarily hybrid apps. But the system provides for active integration into the sphere of native technologies.
- platform with a beautiful interface: the framework is used to create the visual component of mobile apps to make the UI attractive, stylish, and original.

Final Word
Newbie developers often wonder which mobile app development engine to choose. The choice of the platform depends on the problem to be solved. However, listed above features and advantages of AngularJS and Ionic prove that these platforms are capable of handling any task.

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