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Top 10 Benefits Of Hiring Full Stack Developer For App Development

  • By Juned Ghanchi
  • 30-06-2020
  • Mobile App Development

Full stack developers refer to software developers capable of handling front-end, back-end, and debase-related development tasks in a project. If you are building a mobile app, a full stack developer can build the front-end, back-end, and integrate the database. Instead of hiring separate developers for front-end and back-end development, you can hire a single full stack developer for the entire project and thus reduce cost.

Apart from low budget development, there are too many advantages offered by the full stack development approach. First of all, full stack app developers from mobile app agency having skills in multiple languages and frameworks have more experience and expertise for different development tasks. Moreover, because of handling all tasks from start to finish, they have a bigger picture in mind and can better assess the end-user experience.

Full stack Developers for MVP App Projects

Most small businesses and startups, who want to build their mobile apps at a rapid pace and with a shoestring budget, prefer the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) approach to reduce complexities and build an app based on user feedback. The MVP approach refers to building a basic app with minimum features that can be further developed with subsequent value additions as per the user feedback. Thanks to this approach, faster time to market can be ensured for an app while keeping the initial development cost lower.

Full stack developers perfectly fit into the MVP approach. Building the basic and least featured app doesn't require a big team of developers but a single developer who can handle both front-end and back-end development tasks efficiently.

Must have Qualities and Traits of a Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers have a bigger responsibility for shaping an app from start to finish. Hence they need to have certain characteristics and traits as per their responsibilities. Let's have a quick look at these qualities and traits of full stack developers.

They should be capable of handling media queries and building performance rich single-page applications.

Expectedly full stack developers should now have command on both front-end and back-end tools and web frameworks such as Node JS.
As for database full stack, developers should have enough experience with leading database technologies such as MySQL and MongoDB.

They need to have a solid understanding of hybrid and cross-platform development.

They need to know about reusing code while utilizing the native layer for apps.

Let us now have a quick look at the key benefits of hiring full stack developers for building mobile apps.

Expertise with Both Front-end and Back-end

Full stack developers can handle tasks related to both front-end and back-end development. They can easily switch between these different facets of an app project. This flexibility of dealing with server-side and client-side tasks provides more room and resources for an app project. Their expertise with technologies on both sides gives the app a professional flair and ensures optimum quality.

Small Budget Development

Full stack developers provide professional development services to finish an app project from start to finish while you don't need to hire a large team of developers with standalone expertise on different technologies. This ultimately helps you keep the app development budget by android app development company lower while maintaining optimum quality.

Since becoming a full stack developer requires years of experience across projects, they are more knowledgeable to handle tasks wisely and maintain optimum quality for the app output.


A full stack developer having expertise across front-end and back-end technologies offer a lot of flexibility. They offer versatile choices to use different technologies to build the desired features and deliver the expected user experience. Since they have the command over both server-side and client-side, they can easily tweak the user experience and maintain consistency in-app performance.

A Full Grasp of the Entire App

The most important advantage of hiring full stack developers is that they know the app's entire design and data architecture. This allows them to work for creating the right user experience rather than just sticking to separate tasks. They work for the entire app user experience and accordingly utilize the required tools.

Easy Upgradation

Full stack developers are often hired to upgrade an existing website with a better user interface or for turning a traditional website into a native looking web app. Since full stack developers have command over all web technologies for both client-side and server-side, they can easily tweak the site structure and UI elements for better user experience. Full stack developers help easier upgrading of web apps.

Troubleshooting and Error Handling

If you hire full stack developers with some years of experience behind them, they can take care of pretty much everything in a project. From design prototyping to the development tasks to testing and error handling, they can take care of everything. This is another reason why, for troubleshooting purposes, many web apps hire full stack developers who make the maintenance of the app easier.

Faster Time to Market

Lastly, most web and mobile app projects consider a faster time to market as a crucial aspect and thus is where a full stack developer can help. Because of all-round expertise, these developers can build the app quicker than a team of developers with separate skills. This is why MVP app projects full stack developers so appropriately.


At a time when app development projects of most businesses need to consider time and budget constraints as key priorities, full stack developers are considered to play an invaluable role. If you want to build a professional web app at a competitive budget, go for full stack developers without batting an eyelid.

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