how much does it cost to build an on-demand car wash app

How Much Does It Cost to Build An On-Demand Car Wash App?

  • By Richard Roundy
  • 10-01-2023
  • Mobile App Development

Mobile users have come to expect an app for almost everything these days. They already have apps for buying and selling cars and other vehicles, so why not one for a car wash?

If you consider this app idea lucrative from a business perspective, you may be curious about how much it will cost to build it. This blog will give you the essential factors to consider that will help you decide on the final cost and hire a car wash app development company accordingly.

Important Factors When Considering The Cost of Building an On-Demand Car Wash App

Requirements And Features

The effectiveness of a mobile app that needs to be developed depends on a well-researched roadmap. It is crucial to plan and research how you will address your customers needs through an app to analyze the market, your competitors, and the features you want to include to solve their problems.

The core features of an on-demand car wash app include the option to:

  • Schedule the time and day for the service
  • Pick a location
  • Select one or more from a list of services
  • Make payment and complete the order

This list of features is limited, but you can incorporate additional ones according to your business needs. Depending on the number and complexity of the features you choose, the development cost can vary between 30-40% of the total development and design budget.

Technologies And Frameworks

As the on-demand car wash app development progresses, it becomes increasingly important to select the right tech stack. It is possible to find several tools and frameworks on the market that can give you excellent outcomes, but it is important to choose the ones that best fit your needs.

Modern apps can take advantage of these frameworks and tools to compete in the market:


  • Swift
  • JavaScript


  • Java
  • Ruby

Some examples of technologies for various features include the following:

  • PayPal for payments
  • Apple Maps and Google Maps for location
  • Google Sign-in for notifications
  • Amazon and Google for cloud storage

Depending on the complexity of the app, development costs can range from 20-30%.

Selecting A Platform

You need to choose the right app platform after planning the features you want to incorporate into the app. You can expect the development cost to range between 15-20% depending on whether you choose Android or iOS.

Development Team

Selecting the most suitable resource for your car wash app can be challenging for a business leader. Once you have decided on all the features, technologies, and platforms, you will want to proceed with your development phase, for which you can contact a car wash app development company.

The major advantage of hiring an experienced service provider is their ability to provide consultation in case you’re facing challenges in picking the right tech stack or platform. They can guide you to select the best options based on your particular business requirements. The experience level and location of the development team you choose will affect your budget as well.

Subsequent Support And Maintenance

You might be wrong to think developing and launching the app are all you have to do. Every application needs updates and adjustments to run smoothly. Maintenance and service are essential to the proper functioning of your app and to provide your users with updates according to their evolving requirements.

Post-launch maintenance and support form around 20% of the development budget.

Final Thoughts

Coming up with the exact cost for your app isn't possible, simply because no two on-demand apps are the same. For instance, a grocery or food delivery app will have somewhat different features compared to a car wash app, so the cost of developing each one will change.

However, the abovementioned factors will affect the cost of developing any app. Consulting an experienced car wash app development company will ensure your project stays on the right track.

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