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10 New And Unique Mobile App Development Ideas To Watch in 2021

  • By Chandan Kumar
  • 14-05-2021
  • Mobile App Development

Are you thinking of developing a mobile app for your new enterprise?

Mobile app development is loaded with a limitless range of possibilities for businesses to open new doors of profitability. It will help your enterprise to reach new potential customers far and wide, offer personalized services, send notifications, and bring an enhanced level of user experience.

As an enterpreneur, you need to focus on all the above-mentioned checkpoints before you Hire Mobile App Developer. What matters is a unique and new app idea that will transform your enterprise to the next level.

No need to worry, we bring forth here a few tried and tested ideas that have a unique scale of growth of all time.

Before diving into it, let’s check out some facts related to app development in order to make a big difference.

* A total of 760 million smartphone users will reach in the end of 2021.
* Around 3.2 billion app users are there all across the globe.
* Rise in internet penetration from 38.02% in 2018 to 45% in 2021.
* 92.6% of the internet users access the same via mobile device.

10 Incredible Mobile App Ideas to Adopt in 2021

1. Food & Beverage App

Online food ordering has been around for quite some time and the first digital order was places in 1994. However, in recent years and especially after the onslaught of the rising pandemic, online food & beverage ordering has taken substantial growth while looking at the massive shift towards in-home dining, social distancing, and maintaining healthcare safety.

81% of the consumers order food online via apps and the ratio will increase further at the end of 2021. This is the era of food tech and time ahead with having following predictions to watch out for.

* Rising demand of online food ordering and grocery delivery app which is expected to reach $11,666 million at the end of 2021.
* Mass adoption of contactless payment gives further rise to online food delivery while maintaining safety precautions.
* The world is shifting towards home dining and customized online food ordering.

2. Travel Planning Application

Travel planning mobile apps provide endless information related to worldly destinations, major attractions, weather forecast, flight booking, and other related features. The cutting-edge technical rise in the travel domain has given rise to travelers customizing their exploration plans while saving much on a travel budget, adding new destinations, and explore new areas.

Although, vacation planning has come to a standstill at present. But once the situation gets normal, travel enthusiastic will switch to travel planning apps for their next customized voyage based on the following features.

* Automatic itinerary creator based on the choice of destination and duration of the trip.
* Weather condition forecast.
* Location tracking.
* Reviews & recommendations.
* In-built currency converter.
* Language translation.

3. Integrated Medicine Application

The e-pharmacy market was of size $42.32 billion in 2019 and is expected to see massive growth of $107.53 billion by 2025. Not just this only, mHealth apps are expected to reach $111.1 billion by 2025. So, there is a rising opportunity for pharma companies to start investing in pharma apps to witness increasing penetration of ordering medicines and medical equipment online.

Especially, after the fallout because of the pandemic, consumers have no choice but to resort to online medicine apps. A trend that will continue in the long run mainly because of the convenience, safety, and fast delivery of medicines.

4. Skill Set App

Online learning apps are the new trendsetter in the educational space mainly because of shut down of traditional teaching methods at the moment. Not just school and college students, but also professionals are inclined towards online learning modules to enhance their skill set without leaving their safe zone.

Investing in an e-learning app will not be a bad decision for you, especially looking at the current scenario and following few statistics

* Corporate e-learning market size will be worth $50 billion by 2026.
* Annual growth rate of 15% in e-learning from 2020 to 2026.
* 90% of corporations use e-learning modules which 86% higher than that of 1994.
* 68% of employees prefer online learning.

5. Try on Store Application

Investing in the retail mobile app is something not new. But adding the valuable feature of the Augmented Reality (AR) equipped try-on feature will literally make a difference.

Just give your customers the convenience of trying clothes, ornaments, accessories, makeup, or anything available on the retail website. This evolutionary feature in the retail mobile app will not just help to increase sales but also maintains the current demand for physical safety and social distancing in the marketplace.

6. Disaster Ahead App

Weather tracking through an app is common. But adding the virtues of Artificial Intelligence technology and forecast the upcoming arrival of natural disasters is something new.

As per such apps, it will be beneficial for forecasters as well as for users to predict the arrival of disaster based on the early data analysis of the weather condition in a particular area. The application will provide an added advantage to travelers planning their voyage well in advance by keeping an eye on any future natural disaster.

 7. AR Based Interior Designer App

Augmented Reality (AR) based interior designer apps will see a significant rise of $72.7 billion by 2024. One of the most popular applications for customers to changing the outlook of interiors by placing virtual furniture in a desired choice of place. This technology in mobile app development will see a continuous rise in the coming years while adding the convenience of decorating homes.

Top benefits of AR-based interior apps:

* Increase in overall furniture sales patterns.
* Enhance customer loyalty as 71% of customers admitted to shopping online.
* Decreases merchandise return rate.
* Brings a competitive advantage.

8. Symptoms Tracker Application

A kind of whole new concept facilitated by medical practitioners by taking the assistance of advanced technical means. Symptoms tracking mobile app will create a revolutionary change in early diagnosis of the diseases and in-patient care without spending much money. It will also be beneficial for users to track their early symptoms of diseases on a personalized app and gets an early treatment to start recovering before it’s too late.

9. Uber for Trucks

Location tracking and logistics apps have long been introduced to have a clear view of the services. Adding to that technology is the GPS-enabled feature of finding a truck for logistics and shifting purposes. It will be added brand like Uber cars but with a commercial purpose of transporting goods from one location to another.

Best features include:

* Driver’s dashboard
* Shipping agency dashboard
* Admin app

10. Own a Farmer App

With the rise in demand for consuming organic and healthy food, mobile app development experts come up with a brilliant idea of connecting customers with real-life farmers through a mobile app.

It will be a stronghold parternership of consumers with farmers directly to place the order for fresh vegetables and fruits that are produced organically. It will be a healthy affair for customers to access direct farm products and profitable for farmers to increase their profit ratio.

Final Note

2021 will change everything for the mobile app industry. There is no limit to creating new ideas and implementing the same. Businesses can focus on upcoming trends in mobile app development to bring a much-needed acceleration in revenue and enterprise reach. For getting more information on this, get in touch with OrangeMantra as a leading digital transformations company.

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