Top 6 Reasons Why You Need to Prototype Your App Idea Before Developing It

  • By Prashant Pujara
  • 06-07-2021
  • Misc

Do you have a sensational Business idea? Have you put it into action, and so far, has it done well? Well, then it’s time to take your business to the next level, which is to build a mobile application. A mobile app makes it easier for you to engage with your customers and helps in expanding the base of your business. The first step in mobile app development is building a prototype. Most entrepreneur’s make a grave mistake by not building a prototype. A prototype is like a roadmap; without it, you could get lost in the process of app building.

It is why a prototype is pivotal in the development of an application. The following points are about how prototyping will benefit you and how you can get it done:

Clarity of Concept
If you don’t have a distinct clarity of the concept, designing the app will become hard and even fail. Your prototype will help you to define and sharpen the ideas you have in your mind. Based on this, you can examine the ways through which your competitors are attracting their customers. Your app should make the customers the priority and should give them a much attractive and efficient service.

Based on this information, you can create a terrific prototype for your mobile app.

Creating a transparent feedback system
By getting the feedback of the customers will help you grow. The feedback system should a very simple and easy one and should make that everyone can access it. This feedback will help in the further improvement of the business.

Client and stakeholder Involvement
It is important to involve the most important stakeholders during the planning of the prototyping phase as stakeholders will be helpful in the collection of all the useful information about the project. And it will help you ensure that the research makes maximum impact.

Save the cost
App development is not a cheap thing. It costs at least 5000-50000 dollars to develop. It might even become thousands or even million sometimes in the development process. Developing an app without the prototype will drive your costs more than this sometimes. Out of this 15-20 percentage is the maintenance cost. But by using a prototype, you can reduce the cost of app maintenance and development. You will be able to identify the bugs and the vulnerable parts of the app.

UX validation
If you love that your customers get attracted to your app, you must give an authentic and genuine service and Mobile App Design to make the customers go awe. Localytics software development company offers analytics research report on mobile marketing that 21 per cent of the users who download the app have used it once.

But by using a prototype, you can analyze the usage of your app by your customers. By making this the base, you can change many things about your app to help make your app a better one with time.

Good concept or improving the concept
A prototype will allow you to improve and explore new ideas, which will help make your app a much better one than you imagined. Using a prototype will help you improve your concept so that your app development team can fix any errors in the app.

Quickly validating your idea in the market
If you want good stakeholders to invest in your app, you should validate your concept in the market as soon as possible. It will help you to decrease the competition. These are just some of the ways a prototype helps you. There are much more things a prototype can do for your app. So, stop waiting and build a prototype for your app.

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