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Follow Important UX Design Tips to Increase Conversions For Mobile Apps

  • By Ishita
  • 19-03-2021
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It is the most common dilemma in the minds of enterprises that have maximum conversion as the primary goal of the company. Creating a satisfactory user experience for customers and let them click at the right spot on your app is the way to achieve business objectives.

But it is easy to say this than to achieve?

Well, focussing on improving the UX of the mobile application with the aid of a pioneer mobile app development company is a way to experience an increased set of conversions. It means, creates a clean interface, eliminate the clutter, and makes navigation goes easy, intuitive, and quick.

Here, we have 5 UX design tips to follow and boost business conversion.

5 Best UX Designs Tips for Mobile Apps Conversion

1. Focus on User’s Onboarding

It is right to say the fact that the first few seconds after customers access your application is crucial for your business. It is better known as customer onboarding. And, you can follow the below steps to make the onboarding turning to fast conversion

* Design a few introductory slides on the main page to let customers know about your business in few seconds.
* Ensure fast loading of pages with less than 3 seconds, otherwise customers will not wait for more to stop accessing your app.
* Create a smooth overflow of content and information in different blocks to let customers understand your services.
* Design guiding tips for customers time after time.
* Create Chatbot, short tutorial videos, and no-screen tips.

2. Automate Operations Wherever Possible

Automate a few of the mobile app accessible apps to save time and effort of users to a maximum extent.

* Allow users to sign-up & sign-in using social media accounts credentials
* Let the form be short and filled with little information in less than a minute.
* Make use of data sensor technology to give automatic suggestions on the app.
* For repeated information on the form, let there be the functionality of auto-fill data.

3. Clean Jargon

Another way to optimize the user experience on your business application is by eliminating the use of complex technical jargon. Just understand the fact that you as a business owner or designer are aware of the technical terminology but customers are not. Using complex jargon that is hard to understand will allow users to deviate from your app in the shortest possible time. Thus, avoid using difficult jargon, use the short form of contents, and stay away from long and lengthy information on the app.

4. Eliminate Too Many Options

Buying decision of a customer matters a lot as to how easy for him/her to navigate through your app, understand your products, and take quick actions. It needs to avoid using too many options on a single page that might confuse the user as to which action to take first. Try to optimize things in a hierarchical order to meet the requirements of your customers and the business need of your company.

For example, there would be two or a maximum of three Call to Action options on a single page of the app. The psychology behind this is to let customers have minimal options to choose from to avoid any confusion.

5. Create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

FOMO is an important feature that allows users to click on Call to Action without having a fear of missing out on something relevant. The common example is using a statement called, “Limited Stock Left”, or, “Number of Units Left”. This small indicator compels customers to take necessary action first and straightaway buy from you without thinking much.

It is a promotional bound user experience strategy that brings information to the end-customer that there is a scarcity of stock and only limited units are available. So, better hurry than sorry and click on the Buy Now button.


Focusing on a better, smooth, and seamless user experience leads to more conversion. You can follow the mentioned tips to make necessary modifications to your UX designs to add, engage, and convert more customers. The UX points keep on changing after the user’s preference. Thus, you need to refresh your memory with new updates and tricks to create a hassle-free user journey on your app. So, to create a result-oriented approach towards a productive UX, you can avail yourself mobile app development services of OrangeMantraTech.

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