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5 Secure Ways To Surf Internet

  • By Jeff Max
  • 17-07-2020
  • Misc

Surfing the internet is not always secure. It exposes you to various online threats. Almost every week, we hear new cyber threats that may lead you to severe data breaches.

However, there’s no doubt that without the internet, we cannot continue doing tasks the way they should be. Therefore, it is crucial to surf the web with all the required safety measures. In this blog, our aim is to quickly provide you a rundown that you can follow to maintain your web security as much as possible. So, below I am outlining the best five ways to surf the internet securely.

1. Use a trusted browser
A trusted and secure web browser should be on the top of your list. My top recommendations for you are Google chrome, Firefox Mozilla, Microsoft edge, and Tor. All these browsers are highly trusted and secure and available with customized settings options.
Make sure to deactivate the autofill option so that your system will stop sharing your credentials everywhere. Also keep the cookies turned off to prevent websites from tracking your web searches.

2. Connect to a VPN
A virtual private network in combination with a secure browser will take your internet security to the next level.

Virtual private network is responsible for transmitting your traffic from a secure tunnel. It also encrypts your traffic. In this way, no intruder can read or access it.
There are more benefits to a VPN. A VPN also lets you unblock geo-restricted content. It is the best way to prevent online scams in fact, phishing attempts were on the raise in the Netherlands in 2019.

Therefore, it is suggested to connect to a Netherlands VPN before clicking any online source. Besides that VPNs can protect you regardless of the country you’re living in.

3. Install antivirus software
Installing an antivirus software program is a must. These days, web vulnerabilities are increasing rapidly and antivirus software is a robust cybersecurity tool to fight against online malware and viruses.

The Antivirus program scans files and applications, and notifies you if it detects any malware. However, it is also crucial to frequently update your antivirus software and also turn on its notification to get the latest program updates.

4. Create strong passwords
Passwords are very important and you must pay special attention to it. Always try to create strong passwords for every online account. Try to generate passwords with a complex combination of alphabets and numbers. Don’t forget to frequently change your password for each account after every two months. Never use the same password for all your online accounts because if any of your online accounts gets hacked then all other accounts will also suffer.

5. Use secure websites for online shopping
Whenever you shop something online you’re required to provide sensitive information including your banking details and credit card number. Be care full while shopping online and only use trusted and secure HTTPS websites instead of HTTP sites. HTTPS websites are more secure than HHTP sites.

Another thing to consider is that be sure to use a debit card instead of a credit card. To ensure a web page’s security you can closely see its checkout page and there has to be a lock icon or a prefix like “https,” that shows the page is secure and encrypted.

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Surfing the internet is essential today because there is nothing that we can do without it. However, open internet has its own dangers and associated risks. Using some important safety measures will keep you safe and secure while browsing the worldwide web. One best thing that we can do is to use a VPN and antivirus software to keep things under control. Both measures will save you from various online threats, malware, phishing and other online scams.

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