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4 UI/UX Factors That Can Make an App Work Big Time And Look Ravishing Too

  • By Fahad Ali Khan
  • 19-03-2021
  • Misc

Businesses looking for an app need exceptional support in terms of the design and theme. When it comes to the UI/UX, it is the soul of mobile apps because it is the first thing that anyone notices about them even before using them. If the design is good and engaging, anyone using the app will be compelled to start using it. That is why user design is perhaps the most important aspect when it comes to the designing of a mobile app.

Let me offer you the top four factors related to the design of the app and how it can get the eyeballs that the concerned company is after.

1. UX Design and Layout
While the UX needs to be attractive, it must be effective too. Not just a pretty sight would do as the app's efficiency related to the ROI is also important. Think about how you can make a new user glued to the app's home screen for some time. This is just the start for making an app, but after the user has started using the app, there needs to be enough functions and features that he would like to use in the future too.

Apart from the user design and experience perspective, an app must be a complete package rather than just a pretty-looking application. Many factors suit any program or tool, but a mobile app is a bit different. There are many ways in which a mobile app becomes the best buddy of a user as they start relying on it. Let me offer you an example so that you can understand my viewpoint easily.

UX for the Rescue
One of the best examples of this concern is WhatsApp, which is used by over one billion people worldwide. They rely on it throughout the day for a simple text message, audio, and video conversation. The UX of WhatsApp is not something that is out of the world, but it is enough so that everyone can find features they are looking for easily. That's why even a new user can start using the app effectively within a few hours.

The app's efficiency concerning the ROI also depends on the user design to attract everyone right from the word go. Businesses that invest and urgent thousands of dollars on a mobile app would definitely like to get a good ROI. That's why the app's efficiency is another important factor that you need to keep in mind. This may take some time, as a good UX design will make sure that this will happen quickly.

2. A Cluttered Design
For making an app work, the designers try to develop lots of icons and options for the users. But there needs to be a check because lots of icons and options on the app's home screen will make it cluttered, and the design will look like a mess. Surely no one wants to use an app on which they are forced to look for a feature. Also, the UX of an app looks poor, so that people are less interested in it.

The home screen of an app is surely the place where all the information must be located. But you can make an app work with features that are most important available on the home screen. A decluttered look will always be the best option so that every piece of information is easily accessible. That is why you need to get in touch with expert app developers Dubai who can offer you a great design and without making the home screen and the app cluttered with many options.

3. The Input from the Customers
Most of the customers rely on the capabilities and expertise of app developers. It is the right approach, too, because when we trust a developer's skills, we need to give him space to offer the best product to us. But in many cases, the input from the customers can also be of great support so that the developer can come up with the product that is exactly according to the requirements.
There are many instances when customers get an app that doesn't suit them perfectly or some features not working the way they are supposed to be. This can make them frustrated and angry as it will be a difficult ask for the developers as well as a time-consuming practice for the customer. That’s why constant input from the customers throughout the app development process needs can be a good way to get an app that is right on the money.

4. Labelling the Icons
When a designer thinks that everyone using the app would identify what an icon stands for without labeling it, this can be termed as a grave mistake. Because not everyone is smart enough to know what every icon stands for. Even if they are very obvious, just like the magnifying glass icon for the search option, the icon's labeling is still a requirement.

Businesses need to think that every person is not knowledgeable enough to have an idea of what the icons on the home and other screens are all about. Think about the user experience as it can be difficult for a person to know more exactly how to go back to the screen or look for information about a specific feature.

Another example is about the sign of a currency as most of the apps use a $ sign for a product's price. In UAE, the currency is Emirates Dirham, and other countries in the Middle East region use their respective currencies. That’s why you need to label this icon, too, rather than using the sign of a specific currency.

Final Word
Online web presence and social media are good platforms for businesses. However, nowadays, a mobile app can make the task easy for them. It is more like a necessity for everyone rather than just another factor to woo their potential clients.

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