10 Ways to Improve your BigCommerce WebSite Security

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  • 21-06-2022
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Every business takes a lot of effort to make its site scalable, flexible, and secure. It is particularly true in the case of BigCommerce stores that handle a lot of transactions and customer personal information.

eCommerce security incidents grew by 20% in 2020 for almost 70% of businesses surveyed, according to The Global Ecommerce Security Report 2021. Thanks to the spike in security attacks on eCommerce sites, companies are predicted to increase their security spending by 15 – 20% in the next 3 years.

But, as a business running on BigCommerce, here are 10 ways to improve your site security.

10 Ways to improve BigCommerce Site Security
Maintaining the data security of an eCommerce store is certainly not a one-off task. Ensuring BigCommerce Site security is a continuous process, complete with regular updates, plugin upgrades, and inspection.

The complexity and frequency of attacks on eCommerce sites have increased over the years. Any reputed BigCommerce development company will ensure your business has implemented these ways that enhance your site’s security.

BigCommerce is high on security, and it fits all custom domains with SSL product certificates which also offer additional features such as purchase protection, site seals, and validation. SSL protocol helps protect critical customer information such as login credentials, credit card numbers, and more.

SSL certificates help businesses authenticate connections between servers and networked computers. It also ensures companies get the trust seal from customers by helping move from HTTP to HTTPS.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
Your eCommerce business should be PCI compliant anywhere your merchant account, and credit card information are stored. PCI DSS is a requirement that ensures that the credit card information is stored safely and securely regardless of the card transactions and revenue volume.

BigCommerce meets all PCI DSS standards, such as:

Maintaining a safe and secure network
Monitoring and testing the networks to protect cardholder information
Ensuring a watertight security policy is in place
Keep in place stringent permission and access control features
Regularly check vulnerabilities in the system

Create Unique Passwords
A unique password is always solid and inclined to resist security breaches. Implementing good password policies, such as creating strong and unique passwords, by your and your customers can prevent several security breaches.

Ensure that the passwords combine numerals, symbols, upper and lower case.
Ensure the passwords are not saved or shared with anyone
Refrain from using the same password for different sites
Never use publicly available information as your password.

Keep Safe from Social Engineering Attempts
Phishing and malware infections go hand in hand. To ensure your BigCommerce store faces these threats, make sure you authenticate the identity of customers before sharing personal information. Clicking on links that seem suspicious or have apparent mistakes could also enhance the security of your store.

Make use of BigCommerce apps for security
BigCommerce also provides applications for enhancing security by eCommerce sites. Several top-notch apps are designed to counter security breaches and threats. These apps protect credit card information, storing personal details, real-time support, and seamless integration.

Two-Factor Authentication for improved security
BigCommerce offers Two-Factor Authentication for improved security as a standard process that requires customers to verify their unique identity using two means.

BigCommerce uses top-rated authentication tools that need customers to enter a password and application code. By using two-factor Authentication, BigCommerce ensures the safety of data by requiring a third method of logging in in addition to username and password.

Safeguard your devices
As an eCommerce store running on BigCommerce, you should make sure all your networked devices are well-protected at all times. Whether your business uses one computer or a series of connected devices, each of these connected devices should be fitted with cyber-secure tools, malware, anti-virus software, and, most importantly, a firewall.

Update and upgrade
Attackers and viruses look for vulnerabilities in the system and find a way to attack. As the number of protection methods keeps increasing, so do the number of attacks and threats.

With BigCommerce, updates and upgrades are provided automatically. However, it is also advisable to take utmost care to ensure bug fixes, updates, software upgrades are taken care of on time.

Review Third-party plugins and integrations
Almost all BigCommerce stores use third-party plugins and integrations. Before using any third-party application, we suggest you take care to assess the tools, compare their benefits against other plugins, and evaluate their effectiveness and trustworthiness.

Remove all unused plugins and integration on your store. You should make sure you have the least number of required third-party plugins present in your store so that only a few parties have access to customer and business data. It also makes sure your store is safe and secure.

Backup. Backup and Backup
Data backup might seem like a mundane and time-consuming task. Yet, when the information present in your store comes under attack and runs the risk of getting breached, a backup is only going to help you. A backup will also come in handy when you have undergone loss of data access and help get your business back and running in no time.

Additionally, you can also think of asking your development team to look into critical fraud protection measures for your website, security update plans, and regular security checks. You can also improve your customer service team’s quality of response to threats.

There are several other ways to improve your eCommerce’s security and well-being and keep it safe from viruses, malware attacks, and spurious payment methods. When you have an eCommerce store, it is best to seek a reputed BigCommerce development agency that would also provide best safety practices that ensure top-notch security against threats of all kinds.

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