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Will COVID-19 Make Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

  • By Poorna Sai
  • 14-05-2020
  • Digital Marketing

Times change very quickly, but the methodology used in marketing will remain constant through both the good and tough times.
At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the companies worried about marketing their business. On the other hand, about how long this will be the same. What we are doing now has gradually become a new normal.

In this article, first of all, let's discuss some facts about consumer behavior.

Do you know? 3 out of 4 people, habituated to know a piece of product information using the web content.

For every ten people, 6 say Facebook ad, helped them to make a purchase.

This is all worked when you can expect how your consumer behaves. But, now even after the COVID-19, can you still expect your consumer behavior?

Obviously, No.

Even the experts are trying to figure out what would be the consumer behavior in this new normal.

It’s a very hard moment for marketers though it’s digital marketing or traditional marketing.

But as said by Newton for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. In the same way, for every bad thing, there will be something good usually comes up.

Now, let's discuss our main motto Will COVID-19 Make Digital Marketing Replace Traditional Marketing?

The answer is No. And here raises a question why?

We all know, both marketing has benefits and difficulties; but all we have to think about is our budgets and the target audience. The disruption of the market due to COVID-19 made all the businesses fall under a dilemma where to specifically target.
At this point here comes the savior the experiential marketing.

In experiential marketing, the way or the channel you choose to reach your customer doesn’t matter. What matters is all about the experience one has in the niche and how actively they can engage customers.

Traditional, Digital, or Experiential? What works!

Research is always a better way to know what works and whatnot. Understand your current marketing situation and dig deep into your marketing strategies to explore the method that suits your niche.

Traditional Marketing:

These are the most common channels of traditional marketing:

• Print (magazines, newspapers, etc.)
• Broadcast (TV, radio, etc.)
• Direct Mail (catalogs, postcards, etc.)
• Telephone (telemarketing, SMS marketing, etc.)
• Outdoor (billboards, flyers, etc.)

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many of the customers are staying indoors, which means traditional marketing has a huge chance of winning many customers to your business.

Traditional marketing has changed because of online research, and consumers stopped relying on advertisers as they don't educate much on products or services.

Google search of the product will show you complete results to compare cost, description, and also consumer reviews. So, many people started relying on digital marketing.

Digital Marketing:

These are the list of digital marketing channels we use:

• Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter)
• Video (YouTube, TikTok, and website videos)
• Websites (blogging and using SEO)
• Email Marketing

As it is the most revolutionary method in the market, it has the scope of attracting all the age groups. And mobile devices and apps make it simpler to target more and more customers. The vast options of marketing media on the internet made it the most effective way of marketing.

Digital marketing enables you to know how many people visited your website. The tracking is the most advantageous in digital marketing, despite the survey results in traditional marketing.

Experiential Marketing:

Experiential marketing does not use any particular channels to attract and engage customers. But it looks like

• Branded
• Interactive
• Multitouch
• Authentically human

The content used in experiential marketing uses multitouch marketing experiences to engage customers.

Experiential marketing is multi-dimensional with things like greeting videos, breakout sessions, board and council discussions, keynotes, social and open Q&A, and even giveaways.


Marketing is marketing; there is no digital vs. traditional vs. experiential. Every marketing channel has its reliability. All that makes a change in marketing channels is time, knowing where your prospects are hanging out helps you choose which marketing channel works for you.

Despite COVID-19, if you’ve decided to leverage digital marketing for your business, but not sure where to focus, our digital marketing agency can help.

If your business is affected due to COVID-19 and if you are tired of both digital and traditional marketing. We have a new way to replace and nurture your marketing, try our experiential marketing; it is the best way to engage customers. All the interactions are made trackable. What you need to do? Just hire an experienced app development company for your business.

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