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Top 5 Advantages of Text Message Marketing for Your Business 2020

  • By Susan Raj
  • 14-02-2020
  • Digital Marketing

Marketing is a vital part of any business to boost their sales, generate traffic, and to increase their revenue. But when it comes to marketing, there are various options available in front of marketing personnel and hence one needs to weigh the options clearly and choose one solution that fits into their allocated budget.

One such affordable way of marketing is text message marketing or SMS marketing. In this article, we’ll cover some of the top 5 advantages of text message marketing for your business in 2020.

Best Open Rate
According to a recent study, when compared with other marketing strategies, text message marketing comes with a fantastic opening rate of 98% and almost 32-36% of response rates. While most of the promotional and marketing emails are seldom opened are land in the junk email folders, it is not the case with text message marketing.

Hence, text message marketing is still considered by purists as the best way of marketing and gives an edge over your competitors at all times. When it comes to email and phone calls, SMS marketing is generally considered very safe as they don’t have a lot of spams.

Best Conversion Rate
Another significant benefit that business owners see with text message marketing is the conversion rates. When compared to every other marketing strategy, text message marketing comes with the best conversion rates. One of the main reasons that SMS marketing has a tremendous conversion rate is because they are immediate in nature. A user doesn’t need to take any action in order to open the message or the email marketer doesn’t need to worry whether the message will be delivered or not. Hence, text message marketing still plays a huge role in sending promotional and transactional messages to users.

Speedy Delivery
When it comes to deliverability, no type of marketing is as instant or quick as text message marketing. TXTImpact platform offers an affordable text message marketing for small and medium businesses. Speedy delivery is a crucial aspect in SMS marketing as it takes no longer than 5-6 seconds for a text message to reach a customer. It provides businesses with instant marketing which can very well turn into instant business as well.

Another significant advantage that marketing personnel sees with text message marketing is that it is very much affordable when compared to other marketing options. Lately, cloud messaging is becoming a huge buzzword in the marketing community as it can provide more cost-effective marketing options for business owners. Most of the businesses are slowly moving their businesses into the cloud to have a single point of control over their businesses. When it comes to SMS marketing, digital marketers can create and schedule their marketing campaigns effortlessly. Based on the number of messages to be sent per day, the rates for text message marketing can vary from $50-$500 per month.

Wider Reach
Another massive benefit of text message marketing is the kind of reach it provides to the business owners. Yes, with text message marketing, businesses can gain a huge reach and it allows them to send their promotional and transactional emails to a wider set of audience. It is the more extensive reach that enables businesses to still consider text message marketing as a potent tool in marketing strategies.

With the considerable increase in the usage of mobile phones, text message marketing has become even more powerful. Most of the people check their mobile phones every now and then for new messages and within a span of 30-40 minutes, there is every chance that your message would have reached the targeted audience or they could even have responded back to the email by opening the links provided in the email message.

Another advantage of text message marketing is that customers don’t need any internet connections to receive the promotional messages. All they need is a basic and a working mobile phone to get a text message.

While text message marketing or SMS marketing can be considered to the first ever kind of digital marketing attempted by businesses across the world, it still hasn’t lost its sheen to a great extent. Some businesses still rely on text message marketing to help them get their promotional emails delivered to their customers.

One of the enormous advantages of text message marketing is that it is very much inexpensive and affordable when compared with other forms of marketing like print, TV ads, magazine and billboard marketing. SMS marketing is also considered to provide a broader reach and even though it is considered to be old school marketing, its importance is still felt a lot to this day.

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