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Digital Marketing during The COVID-19 Pandemic: Are Businesses

  • By Jessica
  • 12-02-2021
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As one of the consequences of COVID-19, people are slowly but firmly learning to cope with the ongoing pandemic – the so-called ‘new normal’. While most brick-and-mortar stores are struggling to keep the money flowing, the world economy has been crippling with the changing social-distancing and stay-home dynamics.

But there are businesses that have countered the storm with their conscience thinking and efforts. The companies that have successfully managed to adjust their digital marketing strategies to cater to the changing behaviour of online customers are the ones that are still in the game. Even many companies pivoted to a tailored digital marketplace beforehand had to adjust their plans accordingly to stay in business.

So, what is the role of digital marketing today? How is it affecting businesses? With the help of a web design company in Melbourne, let’s find out.

Online marketing is beyond any physical reach – this makes it the perfect solution for the pandemic. As businesses are online today more than ever, the competition has become even greater. In order to stand firm against your competitors and successfully outreach your online customers, you need to have the finest digital marketing strategy in place. And with the current outbreak, it has become even more important than ever.

According to a report, up to an 80% increase in the internet demand was recorded in Australia during the pandemic. This means that it is the right time to turn these numbers into your potential customers with online marketing. By launching some full-fledged marketing strategies, you can ably target your potential market and convert them into loyal customers. Plus, this will also help you build user-friendly websites to engage your brand with the right type of audience and ultimately sell your products and services.

Over the past six months or so, a drastic amount of companies opted for comprehensive digital marketing services and created search-engine-optimised websites. Apart from focussing on organic marketing like social media and traditional marketing, they also integrated paid media like social media ads and Pay per Click (PPC) campaigns. The best part is that these efforts have given significant return on investments.

Just look at the following report –
During the pandemic, e-mail marketing has proven to be the strongest digital channel, responsible for driving 19% of retailers’ web traffic in Australia, which is a 12% increase year-on-year.

How the pandemic has affected digital marketing?
Though the pandemic has disrupted almost every industry and sphere, digital marketing has gained more traction because most people are online. People are glued to their screens in one way or another. Online marketing has been consistently helping small and medium businesses to grow tremendously on the digital platforms and build strong brand reputation.

As explained by a leading web design agency in Melbourne, here are a few ways in which COVID-19 has changed the digital marketing sphere all over the world:
• Elevated social media presence
Due to the pandemic, an active social media presence by businesses has been noticed, which is a positive sign for brands to communicate and meet changing consumer needs. For instance, Instagram has helped brands engage with their online customers by creating AR Filters, which are an exciting opportunity for brand reputation.

• Growth in PPC and organic traffic
Even prior to COVID-19, brands with organic marketing strategies in place were also focusing on paid advertising or PPC because of its promised outcomes. Today, brands have fully acknowledged the crucial role of sustainable and organic marketing along with paid advertising and are ready to incorporate them. This ongoing trend will continue to play a central role post-COVID too.

• Surge in influencers
As more people are online today than ever, there are many trends that are going viral these days. Here, influencers are playing a crucial role in projecting digital marketing and propagating online trends. With an increase in the average time spent on the internet, the number of online influencers is also increasing and this will last for a long time.

• Boost in voice searches
Did you know that there are more than one billion searches made every month by voice? Considering the fact that we are living in a world where people are distancing themselves from each other and following safety measures, it is obvious to expect an increase in the use of AI-powered devices for all kinds of searches. In short, it is only natural that the current pandemic will boost the surge in voice searches in the days to come. As people are spending more time indoors, working from home and trying to be as entertained as possible, voice searches are on a hike. With more AI-powered devices like Amazon’s Echo and other similar ones, voice searched and voice commands are in vogue these days.

Concluding thoughts
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more brands are coming forward and increasingly becoming digital. Their key goal is to create a brand identity which is so strong that the online community of customers would say – ‘you’re the right choice’.To generate a positive and measurable impact on the bottom line of your brand, it will take time, patience and discipline.

As far as digital marketing goes, the current situation will only help accelerate them. Why? Well, because launching powerful marketing strategies is the best way right now to give your audience multiple choices and help them refine their needs. So, keep this in mind and leverage your business with powerful digital marketing and web design in Melbourne.

Summary: Running your business and attracting more customers during this ongoing pandemic is a chore but digital marketing is an escape. Want to know how? Check out this article.

Description: If you can manage to equip your business with highly effective digital marketing strategies, you can ably withstand the COVID-19 crisis. Discover more in this article. To get these opportunities and to grab the attention of global customers, you need to hire mobile app developers.

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