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Business Marketing Automation: Top 10 Benefits

  • By Zin Lang Liu
  • 27-04-2021
  • Digital Marketing

Do you have an idea what marketing automation is? Or Are you aware of the numerous advantages that marketing automation can provide?

Marketing automation is all about increasing global market potential. True, but many other solutions may provide the same benefits. Hence, why only implement marketing automation?

With the introduction of digital media, the perception of online businesses has changed. Managing activities like transportation, product marketing, and correspondence used to be time-consuming. However, new marketing tools and trends have changed the way of doing business. Marketing automation can boost sales productivity. Furthermore, the businesses using marketing automation are more likely to obtain increased leads. You can easily simplify processes and target the right prospects and increase customer interaction. Isn’t it great!

If you haven't already, these factors strongly suggest implementing business marketing automation. Additionally, we've compiled a list of the benefits in-depth so you can get a quick overview of how marketing automation can help your business. Let us have a look then.

Advantages of Business Marketing Automation
The studies and research doesn’t lie. Marketing automation is beneficial for businesses to achieve better ROI and brand performance. Let’s start with the benefits shared below.

Qualified Lead Generation

It's critical to collect information about visitors who are interested in your business. Moreover, lead generation is important for any company's growth.

One of the great benefits of marketing automation is that it aids in the efficient generation of inbound leads. Also, automation helps you obtain a more informed picture of what your future customers expect.

Using data from multiple sources, such as site visits and downloads, direct marketing, social media activity leads can be automatically obtained, qualified, and prioritized. Ultimately, it will fuel a broader marketing strategy, such as:

● Personalized emails
● Social media updates

Boost Customer Retention

Marketing automation tools make delivering the right information to the right customer at the right time much easier. They also collect information from other sources: posts performing great on social media, common emails the customers show interest in, and so on. It's a great way for marketers to qualify leads before moving them on to sales.

One crucial advantage of marketing automation is it helps you increase consumer lifetime value and retention. With a combination of customer engagement and retention, the company will continue to expand.

Raise ROI

Whatever approach you implement to boost conversions, the main goal of every business is to generate profits and ROI. Once the marketers are informed about marketing automation, they’ll adopt the best tool to reap the benefits.

You can use a variety of tools to collect data, generate communications, and pitch customers, minimizing staff time and effort. Furthermore, you can also use a single interface to schedule answers, follow-ups, and a variety of other operations. In the end, this would lower the cost of recruiting new employees and boost company productivity.

Nurture Leads Easily

Lead nurturing can be tedious and time-consuming. Sharing your business success journey with the customers would be a great idea. However, it won’t work for converting every lead into sales. In fact, half of the leads produced by companies are qualified but not ready to purchase at this time.

On the other hand, marketing automation makes the operation easier. You don't have to manually communicate with each lead any longer and continue sending follow-up messages. Also, you can utilize technologies like personalization, segmentation, and more to improve lead nurturing tactics.

Build Brand Presence on Multiplatforms

Marketing automation allows every company to have a clear brand identity across multiple platforms. It enables you to increase and automate business campaigns via social media means saving time, resources, and efforts. Customers will better understand your offerings thanks to brand awareness and an online presence. Moreover, having several contact channels allows customers to communicate with the channel that’s convenient to them. Overall, you’ll achieve increased online exposure and traffic.

Saves Time

Marketing automation systems outperform difficult marketing activities and manual processes. You can plan out social media posts and marketing campaigns ahead of time and schedule them accordingly. For instance, design the LinkedIn posts in a day and schedule them for posting throughout the week or a month.

This increases employee productivity and engagement so they can concentrate more on other significant operations. Besides, automated tasks will reduce lead conversion time too.
Better Data for Better Decisions

Everyone talks of "big data" these days, but only a few companies understand how to gather and use it.

Marketing automation makes it simple to embrace big data, collect helpful data at measure, and work accordingly. A marketing automation tool includes everything from a dashboard to analytics, further capable of determining customer behavior and tracking marketing campaigns. Another benefit includes the opportunity to build a more detailed customer profile.

Reach Unique Audience

Reaching out to different target audiences is possible with marketing automation. Rather than segmenting customers based on their needs, marketing automation tools enable restrictions to automatically separate the customers. For example, you can create a list of previous customers of a particular automotive brand who have shopped with them. Moreover, you can promote sales and discounts to those customers via emails or messages. All in all, clients will receive information as per their needs.

Reduce Marketing Costs

Marketing automation lets you save money in addition to increasing your company’s efficiency. But keep in mind that not all marketing automation software is created equal. So, find and incorporate the one that lets you increase business productivity, schedule the tasks, and lowers the cost for hiring new talent.

Increase Cross-Selling Chances

Earlier, customers were unable to purchase high version products due to time consumption and high costs. However, the latest marketing automation solutions combining with social media messages enable easy product cross-selling and up-selling. Also, making more money and improving customer loyalty becomes possible. Isn’t it great!

Final Thoughts

Marketing automation, when properly applied, may support a variety of business verticals. Every company in a specific industry can profit from the benefits provided and reduce their workload through automation. Also, gaining revenue and driving as much as possible customers are easy via automation. So, what do you want now? Begin interacting with your target customers at a new level only with marketing automation. Hope this write-up will provide you a deep understanding of how marketing automation can improvise marketing strategy. However, don't forget to let us know what you think about business marketing automation in the comments section below. Thanks for reading!

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