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Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners In 2022

  • By Partha Mondal
  • 03-12-2021
  • Digital Marketing

Many people opt for Amazon affiliate marketing as their primary or secondary source of income. Many even left their desk job to pursue affiliate marketing as their only source of income. This article will guide you through the necessary steps for beginners in amazon affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of business marketing where a company pays third-party marketers/ promoters who help generate traffic on the company’s product and services. Third-party advertisers in this process are the affiliate marketers of that company. They earn commissions for promoting the products on their online platforms.

Amazon Associate/ Affiliate Program
Launched in 1996, the Amazon affiliate program is one of the first online affiliate marketing programs. The program has a reputation for helping website owners to make money through online advertisements of Amazon products. The Amazon associate/ affiliates post links of amazon products in their content; when their followers purchase through those links, they earn a referral fee.

How To Use Amazon Affiliate Marketing?
Now that you know what Amazon affiliate marketing is, it is time to tell you how to use it for making money. There are varieties of ways to generate affiliate links on Amazon associates. You can use these links in your blogs or websites to generate traffic on amazon products by redirecting them through links posted on your website.

Types Of Links Offered By Amazon
Amazon Offers three types of links for associate marketers. The three types of links are Text links, Banners, Native shopping ads. Text links are most effective; you can punch them within your content. Although it is not the most efficient way, banner ads are the easiest way to get a link.

Native shopping ads look great on your website but are not most effective in generating traffic on amazon.

Choosing Affiliate Products To Promote
Choosing the proper amazon product to promote on your site is very important as it determines the scale of money you will be earning from the referral payment. It would prove proficient for you to choose products that relate to your site niche. You can check the Best Seller page; you can select your product category relevant to your website.

Content Suited For Affiliate Marketing
The next part is about creating content that will help you generate traffic on the product website. You don’t have to jump into using keywords just yet but learn about the types of content you can put on your website. For example, you can post content about product reviews, the best products, product comparison, sales, promotion, and discounts.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners
Here are some mandatory steps for a beginner Amazon affiliate marketer; the purpose of these tricks is to generate more traffic on amazon through your links so that you can get more referral revenue.

Minimum Two Affiliate Links In Each Post
The frequent and well-distributed use of affiliate links in your posts is the best way to generate more traffic. What you can do is add the link each time you mention the product. The minimum use of affiliate links should not be less than twice in each post.

Make Click Generating Product Image
While using image-based links to amazon products, you must be thoughtful to make them appear clickable to the website visitors. Studies had found the websites that incorporated these image-based links had found a 30% increase rate when they added this functionality.

Get More Visitors Over To Amazon
You must know by now that the number of people you send over to amazon determines the amount of money you will make. So, the key is to refer as many people to amazon as you can. When more people make purchases from your links, you will get more referral revenue.

A Proper Website Layout
The design or layout of your website plays a significant part in your progress as an amazon affiliate marketer. You must remember these factors when you are creating your website-

Clean design and compatibility for mobile devices.
Easily available affiliate links.
Use Custom WordPress themes to design your website.

I hope I have shared the most necessary and effective methods for a beginner Amazon affiliate marketer to get started. But you must not lose hope and be patient. The patient plays a crucial part when you are trying to become an amazon affiliate marketer.

Building traffic on any site is a time-intensive process and may even take from months to years. However, I am sure you can succeed if you implement these steps. Let me know if you find these steps effective.

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