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The Gaming Transformation With Cryptocurrency Game Development

  • By Vin Boris
  • 31-07-2020
  • Cryptocurrency

The gaming industry has never stopped growing. It is a vast market and a lucrative one for those looking to push the envelope on what can be done with high-end software and hardware. Gaming enthusiasts have taken this industry to reach new horizons, especially in the last decade as the market has seen gamers around the world spend around $150 billion dollars on gaming in 2019 alone.

The Blockchain Interruption
Conventional video games are now being disrupted through games on the blockchain. Blockchain gaming space is evolving and growing at an exceptional rate to provide more than just cute digital representations of cats. Blockchain is not only providing interesting new features but also giving an ideal solution to current issues with gamification.

Cryptocurrency Game Development – The Evolution
Blockchain itself is seen as a potentially valuable tool in today’s gaming world as it can provide a method of asset exchange through decentralised app development.

Cryptocurrency game development is coming up as the most valuable tangible asset. Blockchain is no longer just a tool for the gaming industry to utilize and incorporate, it has also become a market unto itself with several companies actively pursuing the creation of high-end gaming experiences based on a cryptocurrency game development backbone. The growth of the decentralised app development gaming market also needs to be weighed on its potential to integrate, as well as overcome traditional hurdles.

Since the release of a game incorporating cryptocurrency game development in November 2017, the concept of non-fungible tokens was rooted in the minds of developers and crypto investors alike. The year 2019 was groundbreaking for cryptocurrency game development, with large, multinational mobile app company beginning to draw attention to the new sector of digital assets and decentralised app development to develop their own projects. In 2020, however, new games backed by different technologies are starting to emerge.

Ringing in the New Era for the Gaming Industry
2019 was a turning point in crypto being accepted into the gaming community, and there were several reasons for this. Collectible games became popular and game developers started seeking a good dApp development company to turn their gaming vision into a reality.

The Role of a dApp Development Company
A dApp development company makes a dApp which has its backend code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Contrast this with an app where the backend code is running on centralized servers. A dApp can have its frontend code written in any programming language that makes API calls to its backend.

As games have become more multiplayer and co-operative in the internet age, there has been a significant focus on fairness and trust. It is a familiar narrative where when there is a large assembly of different players from a broad spectrum of the global society, centralized control is often shunned as it is easy to become discriminatory.

Cryptocurrency game development enabled crypto gaming is a very young sector. The entire ecosystem of developers and users still has a lot of work to do to get this idea to the masses and take root. There is still the problem of lacking convenient interfaces that users often encounter with unique tokens and games.

The second problem is the limited scalability of the blockchain, and consequently, the ensuing problems in the number of supported transactions per second in a particular decentralized application.

A good decentralized app development company or an able dApp development company can take care of this aspect by providing efficiently coded games that fulfil all requisite parameters.

It can be argued that because it is all just a game, the need for decentralisation is not that great owing to the fact that centralized control of a game makes it easier to run and control. However, with the way the gaming industry is progressing and the direction in which it is heading, as a serious sport, past time, and source of entertainment, the idea that gaming enthusiasts should accept the whims of game creators does not present the true picture.

People are now more serious about their games and gaming life than ever, and the fact that the industry makes over $100 billion in a year indicates the importance of the ecosystem. It would be prudent to say that cryptocurrency game development is the future of this burgeoning industry and is adding new avenues and opportunities to the sector.

The blockchain game sector remains incredibly buoyant. The current games are a small subset of the total projects in various stages of development, with 2020 shaping up to be a very important period for this nascent industry.

The cryptocurrency gaming has taken the world by the storm. As the gaming industry progresses from being just a time pass to being considered as a serious sport and a major source of entertainment and even income in some cases, cryptocurrency game development is set to help the industry reach greater heights.

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