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Here's How Data Analytics Consulting Services Evolved Over Time

  • By Sunny Kumar
  • 25-08-2022
  • Big Data

The diversity of data that businesses generate consists of valuable insights. The one-stop way to unblock these insights is via data analytics. The data analytics consulting services help organizations mitigate business risks or customize a pitch for a potential customer. 
Using data effectively can help firms emerge with enhanced results and lead to potential gains. As per a recent report by Gartner, 78% of business executives believe that analytics is the essential key for growth post the 2020 pandemic. 
The emergence of Data Analytics and Tools:
There are plenty of open-ended questions in the industry about data analytics, such as:

In the coming years, what will data analytics look like?
How will the current version of data analytics evolve with time?
How can businesses ensure that they stay ahead of using newer technologies with time?
In the current times, we will be seeing that data analytics services will have the most rapid growth rate. It could range from 16-18% in the coming five years. This makes it evident that the need for data analytics consulting services is going to rise at a rapid speed and evolve with the changing trends. 

What exactly is the role of Data Analytics Consultants?

Tackling the challenges that arise when choosing a comprehensive data analytics approach can make business users feel like they are in uncharted territory. Businesses have two options, either to set some aimless target and sail in the boat with a target to reach the destination or hire experts who offer data analytics consulting services and can provide the right approach.

Data analytics experts help companies soar by creating and executing end-to-end data analytics solutions. The experts help understand the data landscape, develop a results-driven strategy, and recommend the appropriate data architecture and tools needed to achieve the final goals. 
With the help of data analytics consulting services, a business can implement various advanced analytics models such as IoT, big data, AI, and machine learning and contribute to better data insights.
How Data Analytics consulting services evolved over time?
The primary tasks performed by the experts include analyzing the qualitative survey data using:

Advanced algorithms
Demand forecasting post the unprecedented changes
Developing automated engines for the recommendation
Optimizing the real-time pricing strategy.

Enhanced BI and Analytical Tools:

The use of BI and analytical tools by data analytics experts has increased as it helps focus on the usability of creating business reports without having to rely on complex algorithms. These tools help experts to:

Increase the efficiencies of sorting data
Alleviate the problem of data shortage

Large Data Networks:
One of the major evolution factors of data analytics consulting services has been the usage of advanced data networks, which is valuable to people across multiple industries. A huge volume of consumer data is available to businesses, which helps increase value to the companies. This eventually helps the firms to fulfill the gap of understanding what the customer wants Vs. What the company offers.

It also ends up enabling them to provide personalized and added services for addressing the unmet desires and needs of the customers. 
Enhanced Security Mitigation & Risks:
It is not a hidden fact that businesses face threats to data security. The cyber-attacks involve indifferent access behavior, especially for assaults that are load based, such as DDoS – Distributed denial of service. But with the increased scope of data analytics, organizations can quickly diagnose the causes of past data breaches by visualizing and processing relevant data. For example, with the help of data analytics, the IT department in the business processes the audit logs and determines the attack's origin. They can also use statistical models to prevent future attacks.


Data analytics consulting service providers offer quick solutions by accelerating the value generation process. Experts can transform the data into insightful information. This eventually helps the business to go beyond its standard business intelligence. As a result, businesses are ensured with operational excellence giving them a competitive advantage.

With evolved data analytics consulting services, businesses can get higher data integrity and usage of higher technical components putting them in a better position in the cut-throat competition.

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