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3 Ways Knowledge Management Enables Augmented Reality For Customer Support

  • By Sowmya Juttukonda
  • 08-06-2022
  • Augmented Reality

Knowledge is power, but organized and conveniently leverageable knowledge is the most powerful asset, especially when it comes to customer support.

Knowledge management, or the practice of collecting, storing, maintaining, and sharing information, is widely used in all industries today. It has allowed organizations to manage and transmit their internal knowledge systematically.

One business practice that has benefitted the most from KM is customer support. Employees are now equipped with the whole range of knowledge they need to provide better, faster, and more accurate support to customers.

However, ever since the innovation of Augmented Reality (AR), the way we share knowledge has transformed completely. This article will detail how AR, powered by KM, has changed the way companies offer customer support.

How does Knowledge Management relate to Augmented Reality?

Remember when the world went crazy trying to catch Pokemons every day? That was all thanks to AR! Augmented reality modifies the sensory experience we have regarding real-world objects with the help of computer-generated perceptual information.

When AR is powered by a powerful Knowledge Management System (KMS), it becomes equipped with all the precious information and abilities that the KMS offers it. This makes it a powerful tool that can be deployed for various services.

For example, suppose you need repairing support for a naval vessel, and you have an AR technology powered by KM specific to this activity. In that case, the AR can offer interactive assistance in the repair process.

Better Customer Support with Augmented Reality

Using AR for customer support is increasingly becoming important, considering more and more people realize the value of KM-enabled AR. You can use AR for customer service to enhance the quality of service offered to your customers and the ease of providing this service to your employees.

Here are some of the top benefits that your organization can enjoy from deploying a KM backed Augmented Reality for customer service:

1. Resolution of Complex Queries Interactively

Have you ever felt frustrated while on a customer support call when the agent cannot understand your problem? Installing an interactive augmented reality software can help you resolve complex customer queries with greater convenience.

The agent will be able to access the customer's screen remotely, and this access can be easily switched between different agents. Additionally, the AR generates a list of MCQ questions for the agent, which helps them quicken their workflow and provide accurate support.

2. Enhances eCommerce Experience For Customers

-If you are trying to sell a product to a customer, imagine how incredibly beneficial it would be if they could visualize it in real-time. For example, if someone wants to buy a couch, they would love to be able to see how it will look in their living room.

Enhancing the sales experience for your customers is an essential aspect of customer support. Deploying AR allows you to support your customer's needs better by improving the shopping experience.

3. Better training for customer service experts

The quality of your customer service is as good as the quality of your support staff. An AR technology can cut down costly training costs and precious time by better equipping your support staff with the information they need in record time.

They will be able to set up new equipment easily, answer customer queries, and have a more intuitive workflow at all times. They can easily select from several templates available and customize them as per their needs.

What's even better is that most of the queries have already been answered before. Knowledge Management facilitates easy retrieval of knowledge to ensure minimal wastage of time and resources.

Wrapping Up

Client-focused firms recognize that they can meet these difficulties through improving knowledge management. The possibility of providing high-quality service increases tenfold by allowing effective information exchange between experienced and young personnel, supporting their work with tools, and enabling "learning by doing" training. Until recently, these productivity tools were solely available to office workers.

However, thanks to technological advancements, such solutions are now available to field personnel(customer support). The scope is endless if you want to deploy augmented reality for customer support. However, make sure you have a solid KM system that powers your AR.

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