ai & automation in the post covib-19 period

Impact Of AI & Automation In The Post COVID-19 Period

  • By Vishal Potwade
  • 31-07-2020
  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has a significant impact on almost every industry. It could be as simple as automating mundane business activities to complex human activities.

Artificial Intelligence has brought tremendous change in the way businesses run. The human race is currently surviving through a tough battle. Health experts are putting their hearts and mind to cope with the crisis.

AI is one advantageous tool that is helping everyone survive. AI has provided brilliant aid in research and analysis. It is constantly utilized to-
● Analyze medical data
● Contact traces
● Treatment plans
● Drug development
● Analyze transmission rates
● Detect hot spots

Proficients believe that AI is a boon not only for technological fields but also for other industries.

Once the pandemic subsides, businesses will reboot their activities and team. There will be demand for an efficient and increased workforce again. Although employees and workers will be cautious about safety at factories and workplaces. However, they will gradually start resuming work and businesses will pick up the pace.

Companies will need Artificial Intelligence systems to compensate for the missing workforce. They can meet the business requirements including processes, manufacturing, administration, HR, etc. with the help of AI systems.

Implementation of automated systems and tools can also result in the need for a reduced workforce. Businesses may no longer need staff to carry-out mundane business activities since they will get automated through smart technology.

Current employees will have to upgrade their skills and learn how to run AI-based and Machine Learning-based systems. Recent research suggests that several organizations have replaced call center employees with AI-powered bots. They no longer have to manage a huge team instead can rely on a few temporary experts. This will help save money as well as time.

Impact of AI and Automation During COVID-19
Several nations have combined expert opinions on AI to beat the pandemic. Several applications have been deployed, but a couple of them have helped the healthcare industry, and they are-

● Virtual Healthcare Assistants
An emerging Canada-based entity developed an AI-based multilingual virtual healthcare agent. This application answered all the COVID-19 associated queries of the user. This application offered updated information, recommended protection measures, clear guidelines, and monitored symptoms of the user.

● Automation of Disinfection
A couple of start-up companies are developing an automated disinfection solution. With this solution, users can disinfect furniture, rooms, and several goods. They are using IoT, AI, and robots to design this autonomous solution.

● Disease Surveillance AI
With businesses traveling across the world, there is a constant need for people to also travel around the globe. It becomes tricky to track the status of each city and country.

The Canada-based budding business has developed a software that allows users to recognize, track, and report the spread of the virus. The software currently faces issues of reliable data for this tool. The company doesn’t intend to use sources that can jeopardize an individual’s policy regulations, civil liberties, etc.

● AI for Facial Recognition and Fever Detection
You need a thermal sensor to detect fever. A renowned business has developed AI-based software that can immediately detect whether an individual has a fever or not. A software with the camera, facial recognition, and thermal sensor feature is developed. This software is usually installed and used at border controls and airports.

● Information Verification AI
Hesitation and uncertainty are likely to be the second nature of individuals from hereon. The fake news on social media and myths is like adding fuel to the fire. Tech hubs are utilizing AI-based solutions to eliminate and discard these myths and false stories that are misleading individuals.

Impact of AI and Automation On Different Industries
AI can help automate the entire process in supply chain management, human resource and administration department.
It can also be utilized for other industries in the coming years.

Since people have resorted to online shopping for clothes and groceries there is a bare minimum requirement of a team of managers. Companies can rely on a smaller team since the majority of the task is done via virtual assistants and AI-ChatBot.

We have shared below some AI-based applications used across different industries-

● Health industry
AI plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. It provides technological advancements, virtual nursing assistants, autonomous surgical robots, and automated image diagnosis.

More applications are likely to be introduced in the near future with the combination of different intelligent technologies.

● Mobility industry
Taking power naps during commutes in the comforts of your own car is soon no longer going to be a mere dream. Autonomous cars can be a reality in the coming years.

Today, modern-age cars are designed with in-built AI-applications. Voice assistance is no longer a dream and driving semi-autonomously with AI is soon going to be a day-to-day activity in the mobility industry.

● Manufacturing industry
Artificial Intelligence technology and robots are the best creation for this industry. The manufacturing industry has lucrative demand for robots and AI-based applications.

Functional robots can carry out tasks for longer hours and without interruptions since they have high potential. If you dig deeper into it, you will realize that they are more productive than humans.

What To Expect During Post COVID-19 Era?
The outbreak of COVID-19 has triggered fewer human interaction and increased technology-based solutions. This has helped save lives during the pandemic. This could lead to the inception of a robotic and AI-based world.

Robots are designed and prepared all across the world to assist and carry-out activities. This is done to curb human interaction and spread of the virus. Delivery drones are developed to ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods and commodities for eCommerce giants.

Firms intend to produce and sell goods during these tough circumstances. Manufacturers have resorted to AI and automation to ensure nontoxic production.

This has resulted in several queries such as how reliable is automation, can robots replace humans entirely and many more. Most employees can now work from home with the help of automation and AI-based software.

Wrapping Up
The increasing demand for goods and products has resulted in the use of AI-based technology and automation. Organizations are not keen to replace humans with smart technologies completely. However, the need of the hour and increasing demand compels businesses for automated solutions to meet the existing demands. Mobile app company is here to provide best AI solution for your business.

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