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How will Artificial Intelligence Transform the Future of Blockchain Technology?

  • By Manish Sharma
  • 03-01-2022
  • Artificial Intelligence

The rule of nature is discoveries and changes in current trends. These discoveries and changes create an impact socially and economically. Thousands of scientists, engineers, researchers, and innovators are working on their favorite technologies and departments. The combination of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology is also a part of these discoveries.

Introduction to AI & Blockchain-
In the era of technology, two words are very famous: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. These technologies are the present and future of human beings. Industry experts combined both superpowers, which boosted the growth of all segments. Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain are upgrading all industries.

If you are looking to learn more about combinations of Artificial intelligence and Blockchain? If yes then make sure you need to read this blog with 100 % attention. In this blog, we are going to share a brief description of the AL & Blockchain tie-up.

According to reports in the last 5 years, AI and Machine learning technologies are both rocking the entire world.

Last 5 years blockchain technology market worldwide

Size of AI worldwide in last 5 Years

Future of AI & Blockchain-
Had you ever thought about the future of AI & Blockchain ?, If no then no worries we are going to share here about the future of blockchain technology in AI.

Since the implementation of AI in blockchain already solved a lot of problems associated with Blockchain. The process of decentralized money and other associated segments of Blockchain are already simplified with AI. In the future, AI will completely change the way of using Blockchain.

Now, these days engineers and scientists are improving the aspects of Blockchain and AI so definitely it will be used wider in the future.
Let us start our learning from the application of AI with Blockchain-

Smart computing-
If you want to work on the blockchain with the knowledge of encrypted data knowledge. It was a hashing algorithm used to Mine bitcoin blocks. Which consists of systemic, enumerating all possible candidates for the solution. Also cheering whether every candidate satisfies the problem’s statement before confirming a deal.

Data sharing
Unlike computing based-projects, blockchain technology creates suburbanized, transparent networks that can be accessed by anyone, around the world in a public blockchain network situation. By making an Associate in Nursing API of APIs on the blockchain, it’d allow the communicating of A.I. agents. As a result, various algorithms may be designed on various knowledge sets.

Privacy-preserving -
Data preservation in data mining is very important. When two companies transfer data or communicate with each other, this data must be secured otherwise it can create huge trouble for both parties. To secure data and preserve privacy AL and Blockchain are playing very vital roles.

Data monetization
Data monetization is very helpful for companies who have large databases and a combination of these two technologies can boost enterprise sales and revenue for companies like Facebook and Google. Companies are planning to sell data for the business enterprises so they can be weaponized against us. This must be needed to understand to combat biased algorithms and creative diverse data sets in the future.

AI-based Decisions
The combination of AI and Blockchain is helping companies to make AI-based decisions. This helps with enterprise audits. With the help of AL data entry to conclusion and another process can be solved easily.

Real-life Applications of AI and Blockchain -

Finalize is a platform that uses blockchain technology and Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve civil infrastructure. It helps to boost the construction industry workflow, management, and verification process. Its technology is used for the safety regulations for big projects. Finalize Want to make a crucial process with more effectiveness to maximize the ROI in the infrastructure industry.

The inner part of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms can be considered as Blackbox AI. It is really hard to understand the inner work of these algorithms after being trained. Blackbox AI is used to develop artificial intelligence tools for emerging technologies. The engineers make customized IA that powers everything from ML & processing to blockchain tools.

Companies like Apple, Intel, NVIDIA, and MIT are using these technologies too much.

Benefits of AI with Blockchain-
Enhancing security
Solve complications of AI thinking
Utilize the thinking of AI
Optimize energy consumption
Improve smart contracts

Top 5 Projects based on AI & Blockchain-
DeepBrain Chain
Thought AI
Matrix AI

Singularity NET is at the top of the AI-Blockchain-based platform developed by the engineers who developed the robot “Sophia”. 

SingularityNET is the world’s first AI-based decentralized network. The primary objective to develop singularity NET was to capitalize on the power of both technologies.

Singularity NET is the platform where you can create an AI-based decentralized marketplace.

The marketplace can help forecast the creation and financing of AI projects.

DeepBrain Chain-
The vision of DeepBrain camp is to develop an infinitely scalable distributed computing infrastructure and make it the world’s most important AI-based computer infrastructure.

DeepBrain chain network is developed based on Polkadot blockchain technology. BrainChain is one of the highest performers for computer-based projects.DeepBrain Chain is implemented in a large-scale blockchain segment.

Since the inception of DeepBrain Chain, it is committed to improving the facilities of DeepBrain Chain’s computing power networks. It has been used for various things like Blockchain, AI, Cloud Games, Visual rendering and biopharmaceuticals, semiconductor simulation and simulations, etc. It offers cost-effective computing power for many companies.

Thought AI-
Though AI has re-imagined traditional analytics approaches by embedding data and information with artificial intelligence, allowing digital information to act on its own, essentially eliminating the application layer.

Thought is providing adaptive knowledge to thousands of organizations. Though AI has re-imagined traditional analytics approaches by embedding data information with AI. It allows digital information to act on its own. Essentially eliminating the application of layers.

Matrix AI-
Matrix AI Network is one of the open-source distributed computing programs and operating systems. With the help of Matrix AI, speed, flexibility, and security can be enhanced for blockchain.

This is the reason we can say that Matrix.AI is one of the best in blockchain and AI technology.  Their team worked together from 2013 to 2017 continuously to find artificial intelligence solutions to system theory, CAtegory theory, Machine learning, system administration, and website content creation.

Blackbird AI is a company that helps enterprises with Blockchain and AI-based solutions. The team of Blackbird AI founders is an artificial intelligence expert, human behaviors psychology specialist, and Nation security expert.

The world is moving forward very fast and the technologies are improving every day. Now, these days just because of the digital transformation. People can easily access digital technologies very easily. Same in the case of implementation of AI in the blockchain. Yes till now both technologies did well and in upcoming years importance better.

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