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How Artificial Intelligence is Empowering Smart Construction

  • By Preeti Mangal
  • 04-08-2020
  • Artificial Intelligence

Technology is fast making inroads into the construction domain as most of the firms are embracing software solutions for construction project management. But that’s where the innovation begins- there is much more that lies on the horizon. Artificial Intelligence is one technology that is making it big in this domain. Businesses that invest in AI-based ConTech solutions are availing immense advantages for their projects. Let us list a few of them.

Prevent Cost Overruns
Construction projects often go over budget despite having the best processes and teams. Artificial Intelligence-driven solutions can help in predicting cost overruns based on factors such as project size, type of contract and the competence level of managers. Further, they offer reliable predictive models with historical data to come up with realistic timelines for future projects. AI enables the teams to access real-life training material remotely for enhancing their skills and knowledge quickly. A well-trained workforce can also play a crucial role in preventing cost overruns.

Risk Mitigation
There are always some risks associated with projects, and these relate to aspects such as quality, costs, timelines and safety. The larger the project, the higher the risks get. Fortunately, AI and machine learning technologies drive effective solutions that enable general contractors to monitor and prioritise risks. The project team can, therefore, focus the limited resources and time on the most significant risk factors and take up the smaller ones later. AI can assign priority to issues automatically and simplify risk mitigation for the managers.

Address Labour Shortage
AI can also play a significant role in dealing with a labour shortage and productivity issues. Construction companies are using AI and machine learning to plan and allocate labour and machinery across jobs for optimising productivity despite limited resources. There are software solutions that integrate AI-based virtual assistants that constantly evaluate job progress and inform the project managers about the imminent shortages and excess of labour at specific sites. Experts expect that these construction assistants would become even smarter with the advancement of AI in the future.

Construction Safety
Safety is one of the most critical concerns for the industry. Businesses tend to bear huge losses in terms of workers’ compensation and reputational damage due to accidents and site safety hazards. AI makes a significant investment in this context because these smart solutions have algorithms to identify safety hazards and provide insights about the measures to be implemented for resolving them for good. The extra steps can go a long way in making job sites safer for the employees.

Productive Jobsites
The technology has vast potential when it comes to driving job site productivity. Companies are moving to self-driving and IoT construction machinery for performing repetitive tasks more efficiently as compared to their human counterparts. These include processes such as bricklaying, welding, pouring concrete and demolition. AI-powered autonomous bulldozers are becoming a part of construction fleets, and they can handle tasks such as excavation and prep work without human operators. This frees up employees for more critical functions that require human judgment. Other AI-based technologies that improve job site efficiency include facial recognition and onsite cameras.

AI can play a transformative role in the construction industry. Although it requires some initial investment, the expense is worthwhile considering the benefits it can deliver for the long haul. So firms should embrace it sooner rather than later!

Smart construction is the need of the hour. There are several benefits that a construction firm can derive from AI-based solutions. From cutting the cost overruns to mitigating risks, reducing safety hazards, and more, there is much that it can do. So AI surely makes an excellent investment. After having an effective counselling session with an experienced software and app development company, you will get a better understanding.

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