everything you ever wanted to know about artificial intelligence

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Artificial Intelligence

  • By Rakesh Bisht
  • 15-04-2020
  • Artificial Intelligence

There is a great stir going in the market, and that talks about offering an incredible approach for the different types of businesses. In this technology, machine mimics humans. And this technology helps in better sales, customer services and improved revenue for businesses across the globe.

Do you know even which technology am I referring to?

Yes, you got me right, am talking about Artificial Intelligence!

A word about AI-Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is performed by machines, in contrast to intelligence shown by other living creatures. Artificial Intelligence is the field evolving from the past few years rapidly.

Basically, it helps the machines to think like humans, act like them and feel like them. AI basically works on past records or experiences like human beings learn from their experiences, in the same way, AI helps the machines to learn and act according to the circumstances.

Till now we have come so far in the world of machine learning, some of the great achievements are like phone assistant in your smartphone to act on your voice(eg: SIRI, GOOGLE ASSISTANT, ALEXA), and one of the greatest is SOPHIA a humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong. Simply AI makes machine learning easier and which make our life easier.

The pool of benefits to be gained from AI

It is safer

As machines think faster than humans so at the time of the accident or critical condition machine thinks faster and can prevent or decrease the level of damage going to happen to the person. WAYMO is an autonomous car(driverless car) company that use AI in their cars and decrease the rate of accidents.

Improves the healthcare system

AI can consider the symptoms and suggest to you how to improve your lifestyle. It can easily detect the health problem in your body before it turns into a disease that is hard or impossible to be the cure. Now a day mostly hospital uses AI-based machines to do the surgeries, scan, and other checkups.

Enhances work-life

As we know AI based on their own intelligence which they gain from past experiences, so they use that intelligence to make your work easier or they can be good competitor, like in chess they get to know about your moves every time you play with him and then he tries to counter your moves on the bases of past games.

Faster advancement

Another advantage is faster advancement. More you use AI-based machines more it will be easy for the machine to find the pattern quickly and can find patterns out of millions in a second of time. This is the main advantage as AI evolves on past experiences.

Error reduction

It helps us in reducing errors and increases the probability to gain success. Even AI base robots sent to explore the space because they have metal bodies and are more resistant.

With the help of AI, you can give your mobile app users some real-life experience and your users will be stunned to see those features and graphics in yours.

These facts speak only a few of the advantages of AI, and there is much more to be experienced with AI.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more engaging technology coming to us in the near future.

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