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Best AI-Based Tools To Improve Your Writing Skills In 2021

  • By Jais Frank
  • 22-06-2021
  • Artificial Intelligence

AI writing software employs machine learning algorithms to navigate users through multiple steps of the writing process. These tools consist of features like localization, grammar, research, and tone checking.

These technologies use Natural language processing (NLP) to evaluate text and give recommendations or related information. These tools can make time-consuming material creation more manageable, allowing users to write faster and more confidently.

The scope and breadth of AI-writing tools are very diverse. This guide will explain the usability of different trending technology-powered writing software to boost your writing skills.

Top AI-Based Writing Tools In 2021

Businesses or individual writing professionals believe in error-free writing to influence public image positively. This is because it demonstrates trustworthiness and professionalism. As a result, automated tools are becoming essential components to professional writers.

To get error-free, proofread pieces of content, you must utilize artificial intelligence to facilitate the writing process. Correcting slight grammatical mistakes could be tedious, especially if you are in a hurry. AI writing software helps you detect those errors that people tend to overlook.

Let us move on to the description and usefulness of such tools in essay writing or article writing services.

1. Grammarly
Till date, Grammarly is the world’s leading AI-oriented grammar and proofreading software. It does much more than fixing typos, misspelled words, and grammar mistakes. Grammarly identifies rightly-spelled words put in the wrong context.
You can access this platform right from any browser by adding it as an extension. Moreover, it can brush up on the content you are writing on various websites and applications from the same browser.

Why Should Grammarly Be Your Preference?
● Multiple Functionalities: For your convenience, Grammarly has almost become omnipresent. It's accessible as a standalone desktop program for Mac OS, Windows OS, iOS, and Android applications.
● Highest Level Of Accuracy: Grammarly is at the competitive edge in relation to error detection and ensuring accuracy. The solutions it provides are unmatchable to any other AI-powered too. Therefore, Grammarly’s recognition is limitless.
● Flexibility: This program analyses everything you enter automatically, making it simple to identify and correct mistakes. While it scans your document, the assistant icon keeps moving in a circle, indicating the progress. You can continue writing while Grammarly keeps on checking in the background.

2. Reverso
Reverso is another AI tool for checking spelling and Grammar in a bunch of languages. This digital platform sets itself apart from others due to its multi-linguistic nature. It provides solutions by gathering them from specialized dictionaries and thesauruses.
Do you want to know one more amazing fact? Reverso works as fantastic translation software development. The translation services are available in Russian, Polish, German, Hebrew, French, Portuguese, Italian, and English.

Why Should Reverso Be Your Preference?
● Ease Of Accessibility: You can access their portal anytime from any web browser whenever you need. Moreover, you do not have to pay anything to use their features.
● Combination Of Powerful ML And AI Tools: Users can store queries and favorite examples in Reverso's Phrasebook feature for future reference. Similarly, its Flashcards function allows users to learn new concepts and phrases on the go.
● Multi-Lingual Grammar Tool: The platform offers professional editors language-specific writing tools in all popular languages across the globe.

3. Ginger Software
Ginger Software is another well-constructed AI writing tool that makes corrections and provides solutions as soon as you type. Its incredible user-friendly design allows the writers to operate the platform from both mobile devices and desktops.

Why Should Ginger Software Be Your Preference?
● Augment Your Writing Skills: You can make use of this tool for any niche. Whether you are writing news reports or completing academic assignments, Ginger will make sure that the text is easily interpretable.
● Confident Writing: One of the greatest advantages of Ginger is to make the entire text fault-free on several other platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, Facebook, or even offline pages.
● Prompt Correction: This tool makes it simple to fix a wide range of grammatical errors. For instance, subject-verb agreement, contextual spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure.

4. PaperRater
It is an AI-driven proofreading tool that helps improve your writing quality. The software deploys machine learning, computational linguistics, devices, and NLP technology to run comprehensive plagiarism, spelling, and grammar scans. As such, this powerful writing enhancement tool is believed to be competent with editors’ critiques.

Why Should Paper Rater Be Your Preference?
● Cost-Effective Plans: The basic plan of PaperRater will give you multiple functional features. The premium plan widens these features even more, including faster processing, an ad-free version, and enhanced plagiarism detection.
● Accurate Suggestions: Manual proofreading is genuinely a hectic task. PaperRater gives you appropriate proofreading suggestions via its feedback tool. This will assist you in determining whether aspects of grammar, punctuation, and spelling require more attention.
● Robust Plagiarism Detection: The plagiarism detector of PaperRater uses the extensive indexes of all major search engines to do an in-depth scan and detect duplicated parts.

All of these AI-embedded writing tools offer you much more than you need. The best is their free accessibility. Anyways, each of these platforms has distinctive characteristics that make them more unique.

To choose the most suitable one, know what your needs are. Then with the help of this guide, you can easily pick up yours.

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