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AI For Recruiting: A Definitive Guide For HR Professionals

  • By Sunny Chawla
  • 02-11-2021
  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is no doubt proving how valuable AI is in the recruitment process by offering various benefits in terms of efficiency, personalization, and not the least data-informed decisions. According to the report of SHRM, around 88% of the companies are already using AI in one way or the other for the Human Resource department.

The reason is that the popularity of AI in recruitment has replaced the traditional methods of hiring professionals. This emerging recruitment trend has reduced various time-consuming activities of the HR department like screening of resumes, candidate verification, etc.

However, to understand how AI for recruiting fits the technology stack, read this definitive guide for Human resource professionals. So, let's start and find out more information on top AI recruiting

What is AI for recruiting?

Basically, AI for recruiting is the application to the talent acquisition process by which machines can shortlist the ideal candidate for the post. This technology is designed to streamline the recruiting process, especially when there is a high-volume task. For example, with the help of AI software, the machine auto-screen the candidates based on resumes.

Why is AI important for recruiting?

Looking at AI from the broad-brush perspective can improve the efficiency of very tedious tasks by freeing the HR professional to focus on more strategic and big-picture goals. Apart from that, AI is also considered as an assistant or advisor for the recruiters.

Besides, if AI gets into the mainstream, the market will undoubtedly become increasingly competitive as demand for top talent prediction will rise. AI tools are helping in driving better TA outcomes by ensuring a high level of personalization and data insight.

Challenges of applying AI in recruitment

1. AI needs lots of data
If you generally talk, behave like human intelligence and offer results accurately, AI needs lots of data. Let's understand with the help of an example; as you know, AI uses machine learning, so choosing the ideal applications like human recruiters does need a lot of data. That means applying AI in the recruitment process requires hundreds or thousands of resumes for a particular role.

2. Skepticism of new technology
In mind, recruiters and talent acquisition leaders can be skeptical of the technology that can ease their jobs within the HR ecosystem. HR professionals are often bombarded with the ongoing and latest trends that go very quickly. That's why they want to be sure the software promising to automate one of their tasks can do the best job they have been doing for the past many years.

3. AI can quickly learn human biases
AI for recruiting delivers the promise to reduce unconscious bias in the form of ignoring age, gender, race, etc. that means AI is fully trained to find various patterns based on previous behavior. Overall, you can say AI can easily find any bias in the recruiting process.

Benefits of using AI for recruiters or find out more information of top AI recruiting

1. Save time by automating high-volume tasks.
Manual screening of the applications is one of the time-consuming tasks of the recruitment process. However, this process becomes more complicated when around 75% to 88% of the resumes received for the specific role are unqualified.

In this case, AI for recruitment is like a boon for the recruiters to reduce the time spent on a repetitive task, as discussed above.

2. Helps in improving quality of hire through standardized job matching
The overall quality of hire is the part of recruiting KPI black box due to an inability to close the data loop. The reason is HR data is quite easy to collect, access, and analyze from the past few years, and quality of hire is one of the top KPIs.

So, this promise of AI to improve the quality of hire can only be possible if there is a standardized match between the candidate's experience, skills, and requirements.

How has COVID-19 influenced the need for AI in recruiting?
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies need top talent, which has created a new level of interest in how AI for recruitment teams can work more efficiently in achieving that target.

Apart from that, it has also introduced new challenges to the workplace. They are: -
Slimmed-down recruitment teams
Virtual recruiting practices
Increase in hiring demand

Not the least, the employee and the candidate views about the company they want to work. So, as you know, every organization is looking toward talent recovery. Both HR and recruitment leaders have realized that investing in AI-driven technology will be the key to staying in this competitive world and attracting top talent.

The bottom line
HR teams all over the world have indeed adopted various strategies to address unprecedented change. Still, one thing that cannot change is that technology is crucial for the success of the teams, companies, and not the least workers who are looking for the right post. So, you can say that AI is here to stay for a long time by offering changes that you cannot ignore.

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